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Why Digital Marketing Is Most Demanded Job Oriented Course

Digital connectivity all over the world is increasing day by day and so is the potential of digital marketing overpowering the marketing world. The scope and reach of digital marketing is beyond the boundaries of city or state or even countries. Big or small business houses are implementing digital marketing strategies to reach new customers all over the world. This is opening a new horizon for every business house to grow exponentially in this new digital world.

Digital marketing is need of this hour and everyone should know about this marketing technique to get benefited. But For any business house it’s not easy to learn these concepts by their own, they need a expert to teach them all about digital marketing techniques and methods. Apart from this, many business houses looks for digital marketing experts to do the job. They just want to invest on the expert and increase their traffic, ROI, conversions and sales.

But the problem is, we don’t have such kind of digital marketing experts In Patna or other parts of India. So we have solution to this problem. We are Patna based digital marketing firm , bringing you the best digital marketing course & workshop

Who Can Do This Course ?



Business House

Marketing Person


House Wifes

How You Will Be Benefitted From This Course ?

We will provide you the total concept for digital marketing techniques. Bringing you  the best digital marketing course module in Patna will not only make you a expert from novice but also you will be able to learn the methods to:

  • Increase any website traffic in low cost and high conversion
  • How you will rank a website on the search engines.
  • How to run a paid ad.
  • How to build trust and relationship with your customers.
  • How to generate a list and convert it.
  • Get a Job as a Digital Marketing Trainee or Expert In IT Company

Why Digital Marketing Necessary?
Why You Need To Join Digital Marketing Course In Patna?

Internet Reach

Huge population is on the internet now a days and they have 6-7 social accounts. Recent studies show that 22% of world population uses Facebook. Huge population of people are online everyday and they don’t hesitate to spend online. This opens up a huge marketplace for every product based or services based industry. All small or big business houses can easily advertise to large customer base and sell their stuff.

The online social platform is one of the best medium to advertise and sell products online. And all business houses are moving in this direction. That is why digital marketing is necessary and for you all digital marketing course Patna is important , so that you can help your business or of others.

Small business can compete with big fish

Unlike offline competition, as for example if Big Bazaar comes in the town it impacts the local small shops and they can’t compete with it.

But this is not the case with digital online marketing. We can go for paid advertisement to outrank the big brands. Other than that we can optimize our websites on the certain keywords to come on top rakings and topple the big brands.

So if you are going for courses in Patna related to digital marketing experts , then you can help small brands to get on top.

Detailed Targeting

Have you ever wondered what is your target audience? When you use methods like magazine or TV for advertisement , you are catering to mass. Everyone is looking at your advertisement. The target customers are not concise in that case. You can’t go highly targeted in these methods.

But when you are going online , you have all the option to target your customer specific to your product. The age, demography, interest, likes and all the other things which will only advertise to the people who are most probable customer for your product of service.

This is a major breakthrough in targeting your customer. And this is why digital marketing course which will be conducted in Patna will surely help you to achieve your online goals.

Can Be Personalized

In digital marketing you can go for email marketing, a highly targeted method to the individual level. Studies shows that 72% of consumers prefers to communicate via email. In this situation they have control over buying or not buying your products. But if your customer is finding your products relevant then they can go for purchase again and again.

In broader sense you can analyze your email marketing campaigns and see the user behavior and segmentation of purchase. Likewise you can make different consumer list as per their purchase behavior and pith them with similar kind of products.

This research and study will give your conversion a high percentage rate and highly targeted campaign. So for this Digital marketing course/workshop scheduled in Patna ,Bihar is going to help you.

Our Students

Dive Deep Into Analytics

When you are marketing online you have all the data to dive deep into. When you look at your analytics you can find

who came to your site or advertisement
what they like about it
what is the conversion rate
whom you can convert easily
what do they love to do online
From where they got on to your site.
All these things can be tracked online but this is not possible with traditional marketing method or TV ads. These analytical data through digital marketing can help you a lot to enhance your advertisements and increase your ROI and sales.

And this is only possible when you are a digital marketing expert so our course/workshop for digital marketing can help you in this. We are based in Patna, Bihar.

Start with Small Investment

When you are marketing offline then you need a good budget to go for advertisement. But this is not the case online. Yes, with a small amount of budget you can start ad campaign any time and get the desired traffic to your site and convert that traffic.

At any point of time you can go for social media campaigns, display ads, and search ads and if you feel your ROI is good , then you can scale up the campaign as per your budget.

The power of online marketing is tremendous and this can help you grow to new heights.

But to go to that height you need to know the basics of digital marketing and we are here in Patna to provide you the best digital marketing course / workshop for free.

Best ROI

When you go for digital marketing you can measure your ROI and trust us, one of the best ROI comes with digital marketing.

You have all the tools to measure your return on investment. You can scale up or lower your budget whenever you need. Be it email marketing, Social media marketing, display ads or search ads , in each one you can see what you are getting back on your investment.

so one of the best method of marketing is here for you and you need to learn and take the digital marketing course / workshop from the experts in Patna.

We have just seen why digital marketing is so much important for any business house to survive in the current scenario and touch new heights with it. And to achieve their goals you yourself can learn the basics if you are a business owner or you can work for any business house. But without enrolling for the free digital marketing course in Patna it won’t be possible.


Digital Marketing Course at Semsols is not just the basic course. This course is designed in such a way that it starts from basic to most advance part.

Gone are those days.

The ranking and advertising algorithm have changed a lot and you need to be more smart and expert to get the rankings and traffic. Only on Page and Off page won’t solve your problems any more.

So in this advance Digital marketing course/workshop in Patna , we will give you all the insight about:

  • How to go for blogging and targeting long term and other keywords in it.
  • How to use social media to grow your brand, business, trust and reputation.
  • How to write content for your website, keeping in mind the marketing approach.
  • How to design SEO friendly website for maximum sales.
  • How to make your website interface appealing to the customer.

And this is not the end , this is the beginning of the list and you will learn various other aspect in this digital marketing course Patna.

Now as we were talking about what will you learn in this digital marketing certification course In Patna, then let’s look at it in details and know what modules we are going to touch in this and what will  be the outcome for you. Let’s Dive in!

More Than 23 Modules in Digital Marketing Course

WordPress Websites

Module - 1


Module - 2


Module - 3


Module - 4


Module - 5

Search Engine Optimization

Module - 6

Google My Business

Module - 7

Google Webmaster

Module - 8

Facebook Marketing

Module - 9

Linkedin Marketing

Module - 10


Module - 11

Youtube Marketing

Module - 12

Online Display Advertising

Module - 13

Content Marketing

Module - 14


Module - 15


Module - 16

Affiliate Marketing

Module - 17


Module - 18


If you are in Patna and coming to attend this digital marketing course / workshop then the first and foremost thing you will learn about is SEO called as Search engine optimization.

In SEO, a website is optimized to get high rankings in search engines such as google, bing, yahoo and others.

The topics which will be covered here are:

  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • On page Factors
  • Off page Factors
  • Keywords
  • SEO content Plan
  • Search Rankings
  • Business Objectives

All these things related to SEO will be covered in this digital marketing certification course. Moving on to the next topic for becoming digital expert is:


Search engine marketing refers to paid advertisement campaign to show up in search listing. In this competitive world paid advertisement is one of the best way to gain instant traffic and sales.

In this method you need to bid on keywords and it will show up with the search results. The cost of keyword bidding depends on the number of competition on that keyword. This is also called as pay per click We will learn these modules under this topic:

  • Introduction to PPC
  • How to create account
  • how to create ad
  • Keyword addition

All these things related to SEM will be covered in digital marketing course/workshop in Patna. Let’s see what next we will cover.


When it comes to social media marketing, you can target whole world through this. Social marketing is a strong platform to learn and use for your business. We in the digital marketing course in Patna will let you know how to plan the strategy for Social Media Marketing.

In this social media marketing module under digital marketing expert course will teach you how to use social media platforms to grow your business.

Let’s see what all we will cover in this Topic

  • Use of Facebook to grow your business
  • Use of Twitter to grow your business
  • Use of Linkedin to grow your business

These things will help you to grow your business or grow business for your clients. We are based in Patna and we will be conducting the Digital marketing certification course in Patna. Now let’s see further what else we are going to cover in this workshop.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important aspect of digital marketing. Without proper and marketing pitched content you will not be able to achieve your goals in digital world. The power of expression and marketing pitch comes from your content . So it should be written in such a manner that your customers connects with you and take the purchasing decision.

Let’s see how can you learn and benefit from Content marketing module , which will be covered in Digital Marketing course / workshop to be held in Patna. Let see what all will be covered in this module of content marketing/writing technique.

  • What is content Marketing
  • How to become best content marketer
  • What to follow while writing a content
  • Road to effective content creation

All these topics will be covered under Content marketing module. So if you are planning to join Digital marketing certification course/workshop in Patna , Bihar then come to us, we will provide you the free course. This course/workshop will help you to become a professional in digital marketing.

Now let’s see what other modules are going to be covered in this digital marketing certification course in Patna.


Brand building or you can say reputation building is one of the primary aspect of nay business now a days. People go for any brand because they trust them, their service or their quality. So building a brand takes lot of hard work and determination. Brands are not built in a day , it’s a ongoing process which takes time.

here in this Digital marketing course we will give you a complete insight and overview of how to build your brand. The tactics which will make you stand out of the crowd. Let’s see what this Online Brand Building module will cover for you:

  • Understanding Brands
  • Understanding the target market
  • strategies for building a brand

All these things will be covered in this module of digital marketing certification course. If you live outside Patna in any other city of Bihar, then also you can sign up and enroll for this free course/workshop.

So this was outline of our course related to Digital marketing in Patna. Once you sign up for the course you will get to learn about these modules in our 3-4 hour workshop. If interested you can fill up the form and we will inform you when our digital marketing certification course is going to start.

Now one of the most important question you should ask yourself is :

Why you should Join Digital Marketing Certification Course?

As we are situated In Patna so, we are motivating the youth and business houses of Patna to come and join us for Free session of our Digital marketing course/workshop here at Patna. But your question needs to be addressed, as why you should join? So , let’s have a look:

If you are thinking Digital Marketing as a Career

As per the recent study demand of digital marketing executives would be increasing by 38%, so why won’t you be interested in it. If you want a career in digital marketing field , you need to learn the basics right. This is a very booming field and all business houses needs digital marketing executives to handle their portfolio.

This is the right time to go for it and enroll yourself to learn the digital marketing methods and techniques to get good job and handsome salary.  And we are here to make your future bright by offering you Free Digital marketing course/workshop in Patna.

Different Career Options

One of the best part of this Digital marketing certification course is that it will give you knowledge related , not only with website optimization but also Marketing, social media, brand building and content marketing.

So there is lot of scope for your to go in different career sectors. Every company have different needs related to content, social media, online marketing, web site optimization and brand building. So once you complete our digital marketing course/workshop , you will have knowledge of all this and a wide array of opportunity will awaits you.

This is one of the major benefits of doing this digital marketing expert course in Patna.

Best Salary in the Industry

If you learn these things from the digital marketing course in right manner then you will get best salary in the industry. As the demand is increasing, there are not much professionals in the industry. So you can grab this opportunity for your own benefit.

If you have strong skill set and you show expertise in your subject , then you can negotiate with the salary part and avail the best package.

So joining our Digital marketing certification course in Patna is going to help you in this respect.

Higher studies not mandatory

When you are thinking for a job in Digital marketing arena, you don’t need to show higher degree or some technical degree. You can be a normal simple graduate and still earn more than technical degree holders.

Yes, digital marketing industry provide you this opportunity. only you need to show up your skill set and expertise and you are up for the job. Apart from job , if you are expertise with digital marketing then you can start up your own blogging site, eCommerce site or other online ventures to earn for yourself.

This is not available in other sectors. so our Digital marketing course/workshop in Patna will make you independents. But in case you are planning to go for MBA then it will help you in long run, even in digital marketing field.

Location & Timing Flexibility

When you are working as a Digital marketing expert, you don’t need to worry about your location and timing. The reason behind that is internet, if you have internet at your home then you can work at any time and that too from your home.

This is also a major benefits for online marketers. Round the clock people all over the world are present on internet, you can cater your industry at any point of time. So time and location flexibility is also one of the major benefits for digital marketing industry.

so joining our course for Digital marketing certification course in Patna will be a win-win situation for you all and that too Free.

For Business Owners

Digital marketing course/workshop for business owners in Patna is highly beneficial as they will learn and implement the strategy on their business and sites.

Various marketing techniques, social media marketing and paid marketing will increase their brand and presence in online market.

If they learned 50% of the things also , they can make their presence felt in the online arena related to their niche.

So joining for our Digital Marketing expert course is not a bad idea for anyone. In every case they are going to get benefited.

Now we are pretty sure that the question of why join this Digital Marketing course/workshop in Patna has a valid and explanatory answer. you all must be more than satisfied with the type of valid points we have provided to you on this topic.

Now let’s answer one More Question:

Why to Join us for this Digital Marketing Course in Patna?


We are digital marketing experts from last 15 years and have handled more than 1000 clients in this period of time.

We are in Patna from last 11 years and running our Digital Marketing Agency. We are catering to the client from all over the World.

Our expertise and knowledge about the industry will give you the best course related to digital marketing.

We have designed the Course in such a manner that it will give you a clear idea of all the module which we will be discussing in our workshop. You will surely get benefited from our journey and experience as digital marketing experts.

Learning Support

We will provide you the Learning support in form of material in our free Digital Marketing Course/Workshop in Patna. You will get the best material support to understand the concept easily and perfectly.

We will be available for you to give extra support, if you don’t understand the subject. Overall we will give you all support to make you a online marketer.

Doubt Resolution

There will be a doubt resolution class to clear your doubts on the subject. Any doubt related to any module from the digital marketing certification course will get resolved in the class.

So there will be extra doubt resolution class for all the participants who are taking part in the course/workshop.

FB Group For Participants

There will be a separate FB group for all the participants and mentors will also be included in that FB group.

This group will be for lifetime, once you have attended our Course for Digital Marketing , you will be joined in that group and whenever you need, you can ask or interact with mentors in that group.

Apart from mentors, other group members can help you , if you are stuck somewhere in your job.

This will be a wonderful help for you, that will help you in your job, your own business. New techniques and methods will be posted in that group too.

So overall that FB group will be a lifelong friend for you.

These are the major reasons , which should give you motivation to join our Digital marketing certification course. If you are from Patna its good and if you are from any part of Bihar you can join our course. We will notify you when our course is going to begin for new batch.

Now apart from these we are offering you something extra. Now your mind will be filled with what extra?

As we are a digital marketing company, we provide you will one live Case Study.


Yes live case study, we will show you how one of our new site was built and marketed.

The whole process of making a new site to marketing it through SEO, SMO and paid advertising will be discussed with you.

This will show what the site has gained in terms of ranking , traffic and sales.

This Case study will be like an eye opener for all the participants of Digital marketing certification course.

This will show you how a new site, which has no identity is built and branded to make impression within its niche.

Once you will see all the steps and measures taken to market that website, you will understand the whole concept of digital marketing.

This will be added bonus to the Digital marketing course/workshop which will be conducted in Patna. This will give you a practical experience like feeling for a project.


The digital marketing course which we are offering is a certification course and every participant who are taking part will get a certificate related to digital marketing beginner.

This Course is free of cost and will be conducted in Bihar, Patna.

All of the participant who are interested can fill up our form on the site and we will let them know when new batch is going to start.

One who is reading these lines are more than serious to join our course and that is why they are at this point to understand the concept and course to the perfection.

We hope that we have answered all your queries related to the Digital marketing course in Patna and provided you the perfect and apt reasons to join the course.

You all are invited to do the free workshop/course related to Digital marketing at our Center in Patna. Fill up the registration form and once a new batch will begin we will get back to you with the dates.

The batch starts every month as it is a single day course. Looking forward to get you all at our Digital marketing certification expert course and enlighten you in all the modules which we have discussed above related to digital marketing.

Let’s now answer some common FAQ’s which are generally asked by everyone before joining the Digital marketing course. You all can go through the FAQ’s And get answer to your common queries.

Is this an online or offline course?

The course said as Digital Marketing Course which will be conducted in Patna is a offline course. You will get to learn different modules mentioned above. You can fill up the registration form for this certification course and we will get back to you, once course is about to start.

What is the price of the Course?

This Digital marketing certification course/workshop in Patna is Free. The duration of the course will be 3-4 hours. You will be given the basic concept of various digital marketing techniques under this course. If you like the course you can go for advance Course for each modules. The advance Digital marketing course is not free , it is chargeable. Once you Want to enroll in advance digital marketing course/workshop , the fee for that course will be discussed with you.

How to register for the course?

To register for Digital marketing course/workshop Patna, you just have to fill up the registration form on the site. We conduct Free Courses every month. Once Registration is finished for a batch ,  we will intimate you the date and time of the course.

Can beginners with no knowledge of digital marketing can join?

yes this course is everyone. We have discussed all the aspect of this digital marketing course in Patna. The points discussed above are what’s the scope? who all can join? How this course will help you? What is there for business houses in this course?

Each and every aspect of the course has been discussed. You can go through each topic above and clear your doubts.

will get any certificate or not?

Yes, this is a Digital marketing certification course in which you will get a certificate for beginner level.

If you have more queries Regarding this Digital Marketing Course Patna you can call us(#91-9507036101) and we will be more than happy to solve your queries.

If you are looking for a complete digital marketing course then you must go through this.