Digital Marketing Course in Dhanbad

Digital Marketing Course in Dhanbad

Nowadays, the courses of digital marketing are very much in trend and are in demand in each and every sector that is whether it is government, private, business, self-employed or any others. So, if you are also planning or looking for the best digital marketing institute in Dhanbad in manner to build your career in the segment of digital marketing and digital marketing course in Dhanbad then your search absolutely ends here.  Simply experience it and get every single important detail insight about the advanced digital marketing course in Dhanbad and online digital marketing course in Dhanbad.

Dhanbad is the second most popular and very well known for the planned and developed cities in Jharkhand India. It situated at a major industrial center and it is second largest city in the state of Jharkhand. It is the 33rd largest city in India and ranks 42nd largest million plus urban city in India. The overall population of the Dhanbad district Jharkhand is about 1,162,472. Bengali, Hindi, English, Khortha, kurmali are languages which are spoken in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand. Dhanbad, the second biggest and most crowded city in the province of Jharkhand state is likewise an exceptionally famous and eminent mechanical center point for the coal mining and top of the line coal. Of late the IT sectors industries are also getting their offices established in Dhanbad along with the growth of coal industries further. However, there are quite some industries which have been emerged out in the Dhanbad city in the latter part of the last decade.

Why To Join Digital Marketing Institute in Dhanbad
  • We provide best training from our Industry Experts
  • Encouraging Learning Environment
  • Quality Digital Marketing Classes with free Internship
  • We provide 3 month training with 100 % Job Assistance

Semsols Technologies PVT Ltd is the leading and top rated institute for online digital marketing course in Dhanbad and digital marketing course in Dhanbad which provides you with the latest online digital marketing courses in Jharkhand and India. There are all together 23 modules in digital marketing course in Dhanbad which are all important and essential which covers the key aspects of these modules and the sub-parts. The digital marketing course in Dhanbad from Semsols also provides the training for master certification in digital marketing courses and other vital certification courses which include the Google, Facebook, and WordPress etc. So learn the marketable skills with this digital marketing course in Dhanbad.

We at Semsols Technologies Private Limited Provide both Online Class & Classroom Class. Online Classes are provided Live, no recorded Videos.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

WordPress Websites

Module - 1


Module - 2


Module - 3


Module - 4


Module - 5

Search Engine Optimization

Module - 6

Google My Business

Module - 7

Google Webmaster

Module - 8

Facebook Marketing

Module - 9

Linkedin Marketing

Module - 10


Module - 11

Youtube Marketing

Module - 12

Online Display Advertising

Module - 13

Content Marketing

Module - 14


Module - 15


Module - 16

Affiliate Marketing

Module - 17


Module - 18

Who Can Join Digital Marketing Institute in Dhanbad?

In the era of digital world each folks are trying to find the betterment and enhancement of their career. In manner to do such many of us are doing or looking for various professional and job oriented courses which are currently available now. One of the most important things which should be kept in mind that you should have to choose that course which is really trending and give benefit to you after the completion of that course. Semsols is one the prestigious and top ranked institute for digital marketing course in Dhanbad strives to provide the residents and the professionals working in the City with knowledge on digital marketing courses and its components so that they become digitally adroit experts with improved ranges of abilities. Digital Marketing institute in Dhanbad offer to provide high-quality training on the various facet of the online marketing industry.



Business House

Marketing Person


House Wifes

How Online Digital Marketing Course in Dhanbad Enhance your Career

Joining Online Digital Marketing Course will definitely give an edge to all our students and they can learn Digital Marketing online without having to attend classroom classes. All they need is a computer/ Laptop with an Internet connection. They can get access to easy user friendly video tutorial classes. We record live videos and share it with our students of Digital Marketing course in Dhanbad. The videos are recorded for each module day wise by our Industry experts mentors. You can learn Digital Marketing from the convenience of your home, offices, work place, business place, or any other location. SO if you are have busy schedule and can’t attend our classroom course, online classes can solve your problem. Details Of Online Digital Marketing Course in Dhanbad Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing , Content Writing , Web Development , Google Adwords , Affiliate Marketing , Keyword Research, E-commerce SEO course Curriculum For Digital Marketing Course in Dhanbad Search Engine Optimization ,Search Engine Marketing , Email Marketing , Digital Infographic , Inbound Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Content Writing & Blogging , Social Media Marketing , WordPress Web Development , Website Analytics , Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation , Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing , Video Marketing which includes YouTube marketing

Join Advanced SEO Course in Dhanbad

SEO course in Dhanbad is yet another a most trending and demanding course of basic digital marketing course. It is the base level course for online marketing and without having the knowledge of it you cannot perform any of the digital marketing tactics. The aged and deemed training center for SEO course in Dhanbad is none other than Semsols. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the study of how to optimize and explore a site for organic traffic and how to track out its measure results. One of the best things which you can neutralize lately by SEO is that the future business and revenue growth. The SEO course in Dhanbad has about forty modules in it and each one of the SEO course sections differ from each other. Learn and easily understand the SEO course for E-commerce, keyword research etc. The SEO course in Dhanbad is build up for utilizing the arrangement that starts in each module with a hypothesis or idea, underpins it with strategies, and afterward drives it home with contextual analyses or recordings. Thus, each of its modules is supported by in depth a lesson which shows and gets to know about how to apply it within your business.

Different Modules of SEO Course in Dhanbad

  • What is SEO
  • SEO Marketing Channels and its Scope
  • What are the differences of SEO, and SEM
  • Benefits or advantages of Search Engine Optimization
  • How Does Search Engine really works ?
  • Concept of SERP
  • What is anchor text and anchor url?
  • How to create anchor text and hyperlinks

So if you are really interested to learn SEO Course in Dhanbad with free Internship enroll today and join our Digital marketing batch at Semsols today.

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We at Semsols Technologies Private Limited Provide both Online Class & Classroom Class. Online Classes are provided Live, no recorded Videos.

Facebook Marketing Course in Dhanbad

Facebook marketing course in Dhanbad is one of a most inclining course of cutting edge advanced promoting course. This course is very effective from aspects of the online marketing and can easily learn. In Facebook marketing course in Dhanbad you will be learning about how to create ads for a product and does its marketing campaign on Facebook, to promote the specific products, to attract customers based on your location, demographics and interests. Further, you would be getting to learn and have a deep understanding of Facebook terminologies and its various advertising options. Also understand the several Facebook advertising options that is videos ads, carousel ads, banner ads, Facebook live etc. Moreover, by doing this course able to generate more leads with the same budget and campaign. The Facebook marketing module is designed in such a way to assist the youngsters to benefit thorough information of this social networking website online Facebook and for that reason make the high-quality use of it in present day online advertising strategy. It is really an increasingly valuable and demanding certification course for the enhancement of your new skills. Thus, in a short span of time you will be Facebook marketing expert and can earn a good amount of money.

Basic & Advanced Modules of Facebook Marketing Course in Dhanbad.

  • Facebook Marketing : an introduction
  • FB Ads and how to run them
  • What is FB page and how to create it?
  • How to create FB Business page
  • Keyword research on FB Tools
  • How to write Description for FB page content
  • How to create FB group
  • Facebook Live
  • How to target audience for FB page
  • FB Video ads promotion
  • How to collect name and email of fb users


We at Semsols Technologies provide advance Digital Marketing Modules to let our students become an expert entrepreneur, business executive, Business owners. To know more check these modules to be covered in our Digital marketing Course like Website designing course, SEO Course, WordPress Training Course, Video Editing Course, Photoshop Training Course, YouTube Marketing Course, Amazon Seller Training Course, woo-commerce Training course, affiliate marketing course.

Join WordPress Course in Dhanbad

WordPress Course in Dhanbad: It is yet another most essential and trending digital marketing course in Dhanbad is the WordPress course in Dhanbad. WordPress is an advanced level course of the digital marketing. WordPress course is very effective and beneficial for all those who really want to become a freelance WordPress developer. In WordPress course in Dhanbad you will get to learn how to build a website, use various themes on it, wordpress plug-in, indexing of a site and so on. By doing this course you will be able to create and build a beautiful responsive wordpress site which looks great on all types of digital devices. Some of the basic search skills you must know in manner to learn wordpress that should know how to Google and the ability to follow its instructions. As wordpress site does not require any coding instead require some plug-ins for giving attractive look and feel.  Consequently, after the fruitful completing of this digital marketing course in Dhanbad, the entirety of all our understudies need to experience through 3 months of free Internship digital marketing program. This Internship is done at our organization that is Semsols Technologies PVT Ltd and is especially advantageous to all of you. We also provide summer Internship and Winter Internship for the digital marketing. Subsequent to finishing the digital marketing Internship program it would get you out in landing position in any of the top MNCs organizations or for any top IT brands company in the portion of digital marketing or you can in the end start your own organization/firm of advanced online marketing. Our primary goal is to furnish the entirety of our understudies with the best online marketing courses and best advanced advertising preparing so the organizations can get best out of them. In this manner, we set up the entirety of our understudies for a drawn out advanced advertising objectives.  So the up-and-comers enthusiastically hoping to join the advanced digital marketing course in Dhanbad and online digital marketing course in Dhanbad will clearly pitch for the best preparing digital marketing institute in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Within the short span of a lifetime, digital marketing institute in Dhanbad will bring all your cherished dreams come reality. The institute of digital marketing is an area where someone or everyone without much effort can easily learn and make a career in it. The only thing is that patience is required to get your desired goals.

• Purchasing Domain
• Getting a webhosting
• Connecting Domain with hosting
• Installing wordpress site
• WordPress Themes and Plugins
• Pages and posts
• Category and Tags

After successful completion of the WordPress course students will be provided with Free internship where they can learn how to work on WP site and design it using eye catching theme like never before. So this is the best opportunity for those who wish to learn WordPress course and get maximum benefitted with the course.

Accordingly, to find out about our advanced digital marketing course in Dhanbad and online digital marketing course in Dhanbad, don’t hesitate to connect or get in touch with us promptly or, in all likelihood you can get yourself register for Free Digital Marketing Demo Class. Hope to meet you soon in our upcoming Demo class. TO know more about it contact us or call @ 9507036101

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