Digital Marketing Course in Giridih

Digital Marketing Course in Giridih

Looking up for a Digital Marketing course in Giridih at affordable price? Searching for Leading Digital Marketing Institute in Giridih? Gone are the days when Giridih was considered as a small and not so properly developed city of Jharkhand. If we see in today’s perspective by no means Giridih lags behind in terms of facilities and opportunities in Digital marketing platform. However if you are looking for an experienced Digital Marketing Institute then you won’t find better option than Semsols Technologies. Yes you read it right Semsols is having more than 15+ years in Digital Marketing and this is the reason why it is now providing Digital marketing Course and we have students from all over Bihar and Jharkhand including Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Giridih.

Actually Giridih is one of the most important headquarters and District of Jharkhand State. It has important centers such as Data Processing Division and Indian Statistical Institute. Giridih is well connected by Railways and has its own Giridih Station. The nearest destination is madhupur and Parasnath Station. It is also well connected by GT road which runs off the city however nearest Airport is Ranchi some 155 kms away. It has a population of 143,529 lakhs with male population of 53 % and 47% female population. So it is a good opportunity for people of Giridih to get enrolled for Digital marketing course.

Why To Join Digital Marketing Institute in Giridih ?

  • We are pioneers of Digital Marketing & Industry Experts
  • We provide Online Digital Marketing as well as Classroom course.
  • Quality Digital Marketing Classes with free Internship
  • We provide 3 month training with 100 % Job Assistance

Since we are the pioneers of Digital Marketing having immense experience in Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, SEO, website design, Email marketing, YouTube video marketing as complete digital marketing modules. Since people now a days prefer to promote their brands, services and products using Digital Channels using Internet marketing as compared to conventional marketing. Apart from promotion one can even provide 24X7 customer support and services to clients and customers. So it is best solution for business persons, entrepreneurs to learn digital marketing course as a career option in this field. Before joining any Digital Marketing Course, you need to look for best Digital Marketing Institute in Giridih. Yes it is paramount to look for such Institute which is reputed and into the business of providing digital marketing services since long time. You can rely on those Company or Institute with more than 10 or more years of experience. Keeping all these considerations in view, Semsols is one Institute which provides best Digital Marketing course in Giridih. The mentors here have vast Digital marketing skills and are certified Industry based Digital Marketers. They know how to conduct classes for Digital Marketing with practical sessions for the same. Also Free Internship will be provided where interns can try their hands on real and live projects. Also after successful completion of Digital Marketing course and free internship we provide 100 % job assistance with placement in Top MNC Companies all across India and globally.

We at Semsols Technologies Private Limited Provide both Online Class & Classroom Class. Online Classes are provided Live, no recorded Videos.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

WordPress Websites

Module - 1


Module - 2


Module - 3


Module - 4


Module - 5

Search Engine Optimization

Module - 6

Google My Business

Module - 7

Google Webmaster

Module - 8

Facebook Marketing

Module - 9

Linkedin Marketing

Module - 10


Module - 11

Youtube Marketing

Module - 12

Online Display Advertising

Module - 13

Content Marketing

Module - 14


Module - 15


Module - 16

Affiliate Marketing

Module - 17


Module - 18

Who Can Join Digital Marketing Institute in Giridih?

Anyone who wish to learn Digital marketing course can join our Digital marketing class room course and Online course. Freshers, Graduates from Arts, Science, Commerce stream, Students having technical background, professionals, business owners can learn Digital Marketing and start their career through our 3 months based course with free internship. So this is the right opportunity to grab maximum benefits from being a part of this course. We have limited number of seats, join now before seats get full at Semsols, the best Digital marketing Institute. If you are looking for the best Digital marketing Institute providing advanced modules with best facilities such as classroom course as well as online medium, then look no further than Semsols. The mentors give special attention to weak students and focus on them so that they can learn Digital Marketing and become an expert. So if you want to learn Digital Marketing from scratch start today with Semsols Digital Marketing Institute and proceed from Basic to advanced level with extensive training.



Business House

Marketing Person


House Wifes

How Online Digital Marketing Course in Giridih Enhance your Career

If you wish to learn online Digital Marketing Course to expand your business, firm and services then joining this course can be most effective. There is no doubt about the fact that digital marketing is most flourishing segment in the country as well as Globally. To keep this trend growing we are providing pioneer course for professionals, freshers, Graduates of Science, arts and commerce streams, BCA, BBA, B.Tech, and other Technical streams. Anyone and everyone who wish to enhance their professional skills no matter which ever stream or qualification they are from can be a part of online Digital Marketing Course in Giridih. Although various Institutes are offering Digital marketing course that have flourished in the recent times but Semsols is one Digital marketing company as well as Institute that is into Digital marketing since ages and is pioneer with more than 15 years of experience. After Successful completion of the digital marketing course, students will be provided with internship where all doubts would be cleared. Also interns will be given sub-domains to work on so that they can learn how to design wordpress websites. Also all the interns will be awarded with Digital Marketing Certificate which allows them to run their own business as a certified Digital Marketer. So of you wish to start your own website, business, products or services, Digital marketing is the right platform to start with. Also you do not need much capital to invest. You can start your business with limited capital and resources. You can start your career as free lancer, Blogger, YouTuber and earn whooping amount of money without much of an investment. Alternatively you can also work in any Digital Marketing Company as we provide job assistance to students on the basis of their performance. So if you have just completed your Graduation and want to set up your career in this field, then look no further and without giving a second thought join online Digital Marketing Course in Giridih.

Learn SEO Course in Giridih

If you are looking to learn best SEO Course in Giridih then Digital Marketing Course is ideal solution. Since SEO Course is one of the basic and most focused module. It is taught as part of the course @ Semsols. Actually SEO or Search Engine Optimization course will cover aspects such as On Page and Off page optimization. We focus on imparting practical skills and knowledge as how to optimize website through keyword density and unique content. We follow white hat SEO and discourage black hat SEO using excessive keyword density and duplicate content which would be penalized by Search engine. Actually they can come in rank quickly but would not last long on Search engine result pages. However if proper usage of keyword along with unique and authentic content will take some time to come in rank but will definitely stay for longer period of time. Also it would count on the credibility of the website and will increase page rank if it would engage visitors on the site. So it is out motive to get engaging content on our site and this is what we instruct our students to follow this tip while covering SEO Course in Giridih. We also focus on best practices based of On-page. Keyword research analysis, SEO tracking campaigns to achieve high rankings and optimizing websites on Search engines on top rank. Some of the important modules of SEO Course in Giridih includes:

Different Modules of SEO Course in Giridih

  • What is SEO
  • Keyword Research Analysis
  • Search engine optimization through keyword density
  • Sitemap submission on Search Engine
  • Pay per click search engines Stategy
  • Concept of SERP
  • What is anchor text and anchor url?
  • How to create anchor text and hyperlinks

So if you are really interested to learn SEO Course in Giridih with free Internship enroll today and join our Digital marketing batch at Semsols today.

For Admission and any other enquiry please call us @ 9507036101

We at Semsols Technologies Private Limited Provide both Online Class & Classroom Class. Online Classes are provided Live, no recorded Videos.

Facebook Marketing Course in Giridih

If you are a business owner, working for ad agency, have any product or services, then facebook Marketing course is designed for people like you. We all have a facebook account and might be using it in our leisure time. But do you know or how many of you are aware of this fact that one can earn through facebook. The answer is many of the users are unaware of this fact that they can run their business through facebook ads and promotion. Through Facebook Marketing Course in Giridih, one can get to learn about how to engage your visitors and audiences through eye catching posts and videos created on facebook. There is no denying of the fact that it will boost traffic from facebook pages to your business websites.  So you can reach out to maximum traffic with the help of localized searches. Suppose if you have a business such as restaurants, beauty salons, Dental Clinics then having a meaningful facebook business pages can derive maximum traffic by optimizing it through localized searched keywords like restaurants near me, best salons near me etc. Ultimately this will drive traffic to your business website also you can include links of fb page on your website so that one can easily visit your facebook page and follow it. so what are you waiting for just join Facebook marketing course in Giridih. We also provide free internship of Digital Marketing course where special attention is given to students and interns who work on projects and try their hands on real training.

Basic & Advanced Modules of Facebook Marketing Course in Giridih

  • Facebook Marketing : an introduction
  • FB Ads and how to run them
  • What is FB page and how to create it?
  • How to create FB Business page
  • Keyword research on FB Tools
  • How to write Description for FB page content
  • How to create FB group
  • Facebook Live
  • How to target audience for FB page
  • FB Video ads promotion
  • How to collect name and email of fb users

We at Semsols Technologies provide advance Digital Marketing Modules to let our students become an expert entrepreneur, business executive, Business owners. To know more check these modules to be covered in our Digital marketing Course like Website designing course, SEO Course, WordPress Training Course, Video Editing Course, Photoshop Training Course, YouTube Marketing Course, Amazon Seller Training Course, woo-commerce Training course, affiliate marketing course.

WordPress Course in Giridih

Do you want to learn WordPress Course in Giridih? WordPress is extensively used as CMS as compared to static sites. The reason is quite simple as it is dynamic. One can log it from anywhere by using username and password and can easily be updated. We provide complete training from basic level to advanced level and start from scratch. So that students don’t face any kind of problem in grasping things. However if someone has basic knowledge of html it would add an extra feather to their caps. Through our wordpress course, our students can get to know about introduction of WordPress CMS, also we train how to convert html file to wordpress theme. How to build up a site using user friendly theme. The basic concept of themes, plug-ins, Woo-commerce, SEO plugins, knowledge of WP database.  So we will provide A-Z training of the WordPress site designing right from installing the site to hosting it on the web server, how to install theme, customization, Menu, side nav creation. So, it is the right time to learn about website designing and design your own business website to promote your business, product and services. Also we provide free internship where interns will be given sub-domains to work upon. This will help them learn and practice all strategy which are covered in our course. So without wasting any time further simply join our Digital Marketing Course.


  • What is WordPress
  • Making a career in WordPress
  • Choosing a subject for Your Blog
  • Free & Paid Blogging Platforms
  • Free vs Paid Blogging Platforms ? Which is Best?
  • Choosing a Correct Domain Name
  • Hosting Your Domain
  • Configure your Domain Name

After successful completion of the WordPress course students will be provided with Free internship where they can learn how to work on WP site and design it using eye catching theme like never before. So this is the best opportunity for those who wish to learn WordPress course and get maximum benefitted with the course.

On this note we would like to conclude that if you wish to learn Digital marketing do join Semsols and its latest Digital Marketing course like never before. To know more about it you can get enrolled and participate in Free Digital Marketing Demo Class. We have first come, first serve basis so confirm your seat in our upcoming Digital Marketing Demo class. TO know more about it contact us or call @ 9507036101

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