Digital Marketing For Banquet Hall

Nowadays, banquet hall has become a popular way to organize large events like Wedding, parties, social meetings etc. It doesn’t matter whether the banquet hall is in a freestanding building, historic mansion or part of hotel, a well planned marketing strategy is must needed to get the lead and success. In other words, you need to make a strong effort to keep the banquet hall continuously scheduled for events. Because there are already number of banquet halls available in that area providing standard facilities, so what you need to do is to make the banquet hall stand out of your competitors. In an era where every second person is using Internet, it is not easy to reach and convince people through traditional marketing. Therefore, digital marketing for banquet hall is the key to success because it is easy to convince customer that the facilities which you provide is perfect fit for their event.

Digital marketing for banquet hall is little different from typical marketing. If you are new to this field, you must target the audience by keeping some important thing in mind such as couples who are looking to get married, businessman looking to organize meeting, groups looking to host some fund-raiser events etc. If your banquet hall marketing strategy is not primarily digital, then it’s time to change it. Today, all marketing initiative are centered on device that allow user’s to access Internet, digital marketing for banquet hall allow you to connect with more clients on social media, search engine, email and website. According to a portal, Google which is most popular search engine, processes more than billion of searched per day. So there is no doubt that people searching for banquet hall in your locality are included in this figure. Hence it is necessary to promote your your business using digital marketing ways.

However, implementing digital marketing for banquet hall without a proper strategy is like driving blind. It means you have the idea of where you have to go but you don’t have idea about how to go. With accurate digital marketing plan, you can scale growth of your business by predicting the expected outcomes and optimizing your results.

Who are You

Are You New In Market

If you are going to start a new banquet hall business, be ready to coordinate with customers and provide referrals to them for related services like event planning, catering, live entertainment etc. It is necessary to know what your customer require and how you can serve them in a better way which eventually result in more engagement of your banquet hall.

  • Make sure that there is demand of banquet hall where you have selected to set-up it
  • Find your niche because it will let you concentrate on the marketing efforts
  • Make the booking process easy for your client by creating website or app
  • Make sure that event organize at your banquet hall goes off without any hitch
  • Show off the specialty of your banquet hall and give offer for first booking

You are old in Existing Market

If you already have a banquet hall but not getting the expected result then its time for some change. With the help of digital marketing for banquet hall you can know the taste of your customer and make changes in your decorative items such as indoor plants, table and chair, interior design, table linen, dishware etc. If you make online presence of your banquet hall business, it will be easy for customer to check out your facilities.

You have a New Product

It is always good to add some new elements in a banquet hall because it bring some newness. For example, some banquet hall works on only few themes like wedding, parties etc. So if you are going to add different types of style set-up like theater style which is ideal for group meetings, presentation or lecture, you must make your customer aware of it. Digital marketing course and learning strategies like Facebook posting, ad posting can help you to tell your customer about your new themes in brief.

You have an existing Product

On the other hand, if you want to promote your existing service or product related to banquet hall, digital marketing will really be helpful. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing provide more ways to promote your service or product and it also not cost you dime. For example, in traditional marketing if you have to add more items in your culinary, you need to print a new pamphlet for that which is costly as well as lengthy process because you need to move in field to distribute those pamphlet and advertise your new item. But in digital marketing, you can easily add to the menu in a digital marketing platform like Facebook, Twitter, Website etc.

15 Steps To Grow Banquet Hall Business Online

  • Step 1 : Market Research
  • Step 2: Create a Professional Logo & Set up a Website on WordPress
  • Step 3 : Email Marketing – Send Regular Emails to Your Existing Clients & New Leads
  • Step 4 : Write Content For Your Website & Marketing Materials
  • Step 5 : Youtube Marketing Video’s for Banquet Hall
  • Step 6 : Facebook Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 7 : Twitter Account For Digital Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 8 : Quora Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 9 : Google Ads For Digital Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 10 : Google Analytics For Banquet Hall
  • Step 11 : Instagram Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 12 : Pinterest Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 13 : Linkedin Marketing For Banquet Hall
  • Step 14 : Facebook Ads For Banquet Hall
  • Step 15 : App Marketing For Banquet Hall

Before you start digital marketing for banquet hall, first you need to do some market research. Target market, location and size are some important factors on which you need to consider before you start your banquet hall. If you start marketing your banquet hall without analyzing the market and interest of your locality, you will not get the best results. Here are some things which you need to research :

  • How many banquet halls are available in that locality?
  • What is the average rate for renting the event in market?
  • Do people want to rent hall by a day or hour rate?

After analyzing above things, you can set the price of your banquet hall according to the competition for a sustainable profit. Next thing you need to do is to find out the problem people face while booking a banquet hall and try to solve them by providing that specific service or product. For example, many people can’t afford high budget so you need to make a package that fit in their budget and also include the service they require.

Find the main keywords which your customers will be looking for

Another thing which you need to research while doing digital marketing for banquet hall is to find the appropriate and most searched keyword. With the help of effective keywords you can target people searching for it as well as rank well in the search engine results which help you to promote your banquet hall. You can also use Google trends and other free tool available to find popular key words related to banquet hall. Below are some keyword people use while searching for a banquet hall :

  • Best Banquet hall near me
  • Best banquet hall for reception
  • Banquet hall for 100 pax
  • Banquet hall for baby shower
  • Best banquet hall in budget etc

Segment according to type of customers

You can also segment your banquet hall by providing different party themes and menus. You can also offer different banquet option for reception, business meetings, annual meetings, party lovers, school group etc. You should create packages that offers photography for marriage or reception, audio or visual equipment for business related function, clowns for events related to children. In addition, you can also offer high-end, budget, veg or non-veg menus and ethnic menus.

Setting up a website is one of the important thing for digital marketing for banquet hall. Because as an owner of banquet hall, you need to know where your customers are. By starting a website you can allow your customers to know the service you offer and it also help your customers to reach you easily. Apart from that there are many other benefits of creating website for your banquet hall, such as :

  • It will represent your banquet hall around the clock
  • Make it easy for clients to find and read about your service
  • People will know about services from different part of area
  • You will get feedback and work on them to improve service

WordPress is the best platform for creating a website for your banquet hall and marketing it digitally. Whether it is small or big business, WordPress is the first choice of people as website building platform because of the features it provide. Below are some reason why you should go with WordPress for creating website :

  • WordPress is open source CMS which means its code is free and accessible for all
  • SEO friendly which help your website rank high in results of the search engine
  • Theme system is easy to customize and you can easily implement attractive designs
  • Allow you to access wide range of themes and functionality-improving plug-ins

If you don’t want to invest more on website, WordPress also allow you to start a free website. On free website you can also make a attractive appearance about your banquet hall which works like a venue to share your services to a wider audience. However you can represent your banquet hall with free website too but it doesn’t allow you to have a custom name as well as also lack SEO elements which is necessary to rank the website.

On the other hand you can also get your own domain name and hosting with paid WordPress site. Main benefit of getting hosting and paid domain is you can get the name of your banquet hall in address without name of company on which you are making website. In addition, web hosting companies give you the freedom for to choose different bandwidth and storage space which make it convenient to upload videos, pictures, map etc.

Once you create WordPress website for your banquet hall, use write keywords, plug-ins and other SEO technique to rank it in search engine and get more booking for your banquet hall.

If you are a banquet hall owner, you must agree that marketing event related service or product need more detail approach. A genuine communication is required with all your customer to manage the business perfectly. Email marketing for banquet hall can be beneficial for driving customer to sign-up and attend, which gives best ROI of the event. According to research, most of the banquet hall owner who organize event feel that email marketing is most effective channel for promoting events. But to get benefited from email marketing , first you need to make strategies that help you to reach the goal.

There are many strategies which has been proven to work in order to promote event for your banquet hall. Here are some outstanding email marketing tips which you can apply to announce service and events that you organize in your banquet hall.

Send Announcement Email :

Sending announcement email is a basic way for driving registration. All you need to do is to present the message as a breaking news. This will make your customer feel like they are the first to hear about your event or service.

Attach A Video With Email :

Study prove that having a video can increase conversions rate of page and it is more effective in compare to content. You can include video of previous event that you have organized in your banquet hall. The video can show what customer can expect.

Share Testimonials :

You need to show your subscriber that if they organize event in your banquet hall then it will be awesome. To do that you can attach testimonial of attendees who have previously organized event in your banquet hall.

Offer Early Discount :

Sending discounts to your subscriber in advance for the event is oen of the efefctive way to drive registrations. There is no doubt that the discount will end sometime so give a deadline for discount which surely drive action.

Send Mail For Another Event :

When your customer has already registered for event, send them email and make them know about the special offers which they can get for organizing events in future. It works specially for some annual events, so give some unbelievable offer.

Send Attractive Content :

Send attractive message to your subscriber which gives funny as well as funny spin to promotional email related to your event. Alternatively, you can send an email from influencer to promote your banquet hall.

All the aforementioned strategies related to email marketing for banquet hall will only work if you use their combination. Sometime certain strategy seems to more working in driving customer than others. Therefore, do experiment, measure and optimize the result of different strategy.

Content marketing is one of the highly effective strategy which you can use in digital marketing for banquet hall to drive more customers. You can write specific content for your banquet hall website or blog which is relevant to the target audience. You can also write content for some theme, culinary, or service which you are going to add in your banquet hall. Make sure to present the content in such a way which seems to be interesting and match taste of your customer. Now the question is how do you write content that make your banquet hall and service top of your competitors.

Your main goal should be to keep your audience tuned on with your content strategy. It is also important to focus on content types as well as channels. Below are some strategies which you can follow while writing content to market your banquet hall digitally.

Make social media posts :

You can write contents on different social media accounts to provide fresh insight of your banquet hall to audience. In order to create strong content on social media, it is important to add picture of event you have organized in your banquet hall because it catch attention of your guests.

Blogging :

Blogging can also be helpful in in boosting registration if you promote key features and service of your banquet hall through blog posts. Also, you can include link of your banquet hall website in blog posts. You can write about experience of your customer because people always like genuine stories.

Listen others :

Many marketers have problem in understating what their customer expect in the content. You can go to platform like Reddit and Quora to find out the question asked about banquet hall and services. After that write content in such a way that provide solution for those question.

Add infographic :

These days, so much data is accumulated at a function organized in banquet hall. You can create infographic which contain service and offers which you are going to provide your customer and include them in content.

Share updates :

You can share planning updates related to your banquet hall through content. For example, you can write about the lighting, music accessories and theme which you are going to add in your service.

Content marketing for banquet hall owner can provides them a means of attracting new client. In addition, it is flexible too because you can use it on different platforms to showcase the service which you can provide in your banquet hall.

Most of the consumer find video content more memorable than other forms content. Unlike other content like blog posts, YouTube video indeed speaks to your audience and give them a best understating of services that you are offering in your banquet hall. There should be already numerous banquet hall in your city, so choosing the right venue can become over overwhelming for anyone. With the help of YouTube marketing for banquet hall, you can attract more customers with the power of video.

Make Promotional Video Of Banquet Hall On YouTube

This kind of video is designed specially to market your banquet hall and the services you offer. To get more out of from YouTube marketing for banquet hall, you an create the following types of YouTube videos :

Hall tour : The feel and look of your banquet hall can help draw people to your venue hall. You can make video that highlights the facilities of your hall like decoration, music, culinary etc which they will get if they organize any event with you.

Special offer : Occasionally, you need to give clients the opportunity to book your service at discount rate. You can make a video to announce special offers or discount which your client can avail if they book your banquet hall.

Testimonial : You can make testimonial video of your client sharing their experience about how they enjoy their party because of the facilities and service that you provide. Nothing speaks louder than the experience of your client who have enjoyed your banquet hall service.

Important Things To Rank Banquet Hall In YouTube

Each area of your banquet hall YouTube video from title to description matters a lot. Follow the given tips to maximize number of people who found your video.

Filename : Always use keyword in filename in YouTube video. For example, if you trying to get rank from “banquet hall theme”, name the video file as best_banquet_hall_theme.mp4.

Title : Do not make title more lengthy and make sure to add keyword in the title of video. Try not to add more than 5 word with your keyword.

Description : It is very important part of any YouTube video. Put link of your banquet hall website very top of description. Give brief description and put keyword 3 times.

Creating YouTube video is not enough while doing YouTube marketing for banquet hall, you also have to showcase it. You can add it to your website, on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to get more and more views.

Facebook continues to be the champ of social media and nowadays it has become a venue to market your business. In order to do Facebook marketing for banquet hall, you need to know about unique opportunities of Facebook and how it is different from other social media sites. First of all you need to create page of your banquet hall on Facebook. If user “Like” or “Follow” your page, it means they will automatically get updates from your page in the news feed.

Before you start promoting your Facebook page, you need to clear your goal and strategy. If you run a banquet hall then definitely your goal is to organize more and more event in your hall. So your strategy could include :

  • Creating a post which features special offer, you can provide a coupon code which may applicable on first 5 customer who organize event at your banquet hall
  • Posting pictures featuring an event like birthday or business meeting that shows facilities and decoration provided during the event
  • You can also ask question and tell your follower to comment it. For example, Do you have any color combination idea for special event?
  • You should encourage users to post photos related to decoration, theme, music which they want during organizing event in your banquet hall.

Remember that Facebook is social network and you should not use it to pitch business. Prosperity of your Facebook marketing for banquet hall is is directly proportional to number of solid relationships which you develop with your fellow users. Follow the below tips for successful marketing of your banquet hall through Facebook :

Try To Make Regular Post

Unlike other online media, Facebook is built for frequent updates. Facebook user frequently check the page that they follow, hence you need to post regularly about your banquet hall.

Cheer Comment And Reply Quickly

You should encourage user’s to respond on posts you make on Facebook page of banquet hall. You should also encourage your follower to comment about banquet hall or service which they want when organize any party or event in your banquet hall. It is also important to respond quickly when they do such post or comment.

Use Pictures And Videos

Add pictures and videos of your banquet hall on your Facebook page, it keeps your follower engaged. For example, you can post photos and videos of new theme, food item, band, decoration etc. You can also post video of some party organized in your banquet hall and ask them to give review about what they like or dislike.

Promoting your Facebook page is also necessary when you are doing Facebook marketing for banquet hall . For example, you can provide address of Facebook page on your website as well as in your email signature.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter has also become an integral part of daily life and marketing strategies in most business. Now, consider use of Twitter marketing for banquet hall. Twitter can help you to stay in touch with your audience and attract new clients. However, it takes time to make loyal Twitter following but with right strategies and plan it should be possible. Before you drum up your banquet hall on Twitter, you will need to create an account and profile. For Twiiter @name you can use the name of your banquet hall for example @GrandBanquetHall. After that give a proper bio which include website, geolocation, business hours of your banquet hall etc, it will help search engine to easily detect you if someone search banquet hall in that location.

Here are some simple guidelines to use Twitter Marketing For Banquet Hall effectively, in order to gain more followers and customer through your banquet hall doors.

Consistent Posting With Shareable Posts

If you create twitter page for your banquet hall, then make sure to post updates. Here are some preparatory tips to start creating tweetable posts for your hall :

  • Post regularly, use images and videos related to party or event organized in your banquet hall.
  • Use trending hashtags relevant to banquet hall to make it findable from larger audience.

Become Influencer In The Field

Whether you are promoting new party theme or some new cuisine, needs for banquet hall Twitter account change over time. So to reach a broad audience on Twitter page, follow :

  • Participate in Twitter chats which is relevant to Banquet hall like such as group looking for banquet hall to celebrate new year.
  • Ask your follower about their taste for example you can make a poll asking which party theme is more interesting.

Follow And Respond Your Audience

Search for the questions people have related to banquet hall on Twitter and answer them publicly. In addition, follow trending news topic and give you take on it using relevant hashtags. It has been seen that Twitter user take interest in those handle that is responsive so respond to tweets as possible.

Monitor For Keywords

For your banquet hall you must identify for people looking to organize any social event, meeting or party in your area. To do that you can use keywords like “where to party” and mention name of the city or locality.

In addition to that, you can also use Twitter analytics to know views, likes, re-tweets, reply related to your banquet hall Twitter account. You should also promote your banquet hall Twitter page actively on your website and your other social media accounts. These are some Twitter marketing for banquet hall using which you can drive more traffic on your website.

Quora is also a great digital platform through which you can market your banquet hall. People ask lots of questions on Quora and they also love to read the suitable answer. So if the information you provide for their queries through your answer is valuable then people start following you. In addition, you will start getting answer request if you establish authority in that niche. You can find out questions people asking related to banquet hall in that locality and provide answer to them.

To start Quora Marketing For Banquet Hall, you need to create an optimal profile and add bio which include name of your banquet hall, website link and also provide the geolocation. Once your profile is ready, start find Quora question asked related to facilities or issues of a banquet hall and start answering them.

Find Relevant Question

You will find millions of question on Quora related to any topic, but you have to pick the right ones. So in the query bar search for banquet hall and a list of related topics will appear, such as :

  • How do I choose a Banquet Hall for Birthday parties?
  • What do people expect from banquet hall?
  • What are good banquet halls for a party of 500 people?

No matter if the question is answered by hundreds of people, if your answer provides value people will follow you.

Answer Relevant Question

However, you can write specific answer for those questions but the easiest way is to utilize the content you have created for website of banquet hall. While answering question, you should also provide link of your website in answer. People will reach your website through that answer and link coming from Quora to your website help it rank in the search engine.

Create Quora Ad Campaign

First of all create ad account for your banquet hall on Once approved, you can set Quora ad campaign for banquet hall. After that you can target your audience to do that you need name ad set which is off course banquet hall. Next you have to keep adding information related to Quora Marketing For Banquet Hall. Enter keyword that help your banquet hall ad be visible to audience you are trying to target, such as :

  • Budget friendly banquet hall
  • Banquet hall for Class reunions
  • Banquet hall for 500 people

Don’t forget to add landing page URL of your banquet hall website. After that you can add any call to action button which people click and land on your website. Now read, analyze data and make improvement if needed.

Google advertising platform has grown rapidly over the years and you can also use it to get more booking at your banquet hall. It is very easy to create Google ads and it also provide an easy way to pay per click advertising. Google ads for banquet hall will look like normal search result and play a great role in driving more booking at your banquet hall. When people search for banquet hall, they want detail, pictures, location, reviews which is not possible to provide with basic ads.

To start marketing your banquet hall with Google ads, you need to create account on Google Ads Manager and complete the process. Once done, Google will review your ad and approve it to make it live. Here are some best ways through which you can increase click on Google ads for banquet hall.

Use your competitor’s keyword in headline

In order to get more clicks, you need to add most competitive keyword in the Google ads. But instead of finding proper keyword, you can also add keyword of your competitor in the headline of your Google ads. To get such keyword you can also use paid keyword searching website. Once you get the proper keywords of your competitor, include them in the headline of your banquet hall Google ads.

Link Your Ads To Landing Pages

Adding landing pages is another factor to increase PPC on Google ads for banquet hall. It means you have to put link of the page that match keyword in your Google ad headline. For example, if you are advertising for “Banquet hall for birthday party” you need to provide related page, not the homepage of your website.

Use expanded extensions and text ads

Expanded ads allow you to run ads with longer text. It will be very useful if you are targeting long keyword or need extra room to add persuasion. In the extension you can add four keywords and make also add more different link to them. This will help you to fin tune your offers for maximum impact.

Pause The Non-Performing Ads

It is also true that some Google ads are performing and some are non-performing. Hence, optimize CTC of every ad, lower CTR indicate lower ad visibility and you should pause these ads. Instead of making effort on these non-performing ads, you can start with new ad or wait until the search keyword become more relevant.

But if you are not ready to give up then make use of negative keyword in headline of Google ads for banquet hall. It may sound weird but it will help you to eliminate users that are less likely to click on your Google ads. Your Google ads will work only if they stand out among your competitors.

Google analytics is one of the powerful provided by Google through which you can optimize and promote your banquet hall business in a better way. Using this tool you can understand all the reports related to your business and extract relevant data. Not only this, you can also increase your conversion rate with the help of Google analytics for banquet hall. Here we will see some easy tips and tricks which you can use to improve your banquet hall business with the help of Google analytics.

Make Focus On What You Are Measuring

Most common mistake we do with Google analytics for banquet hall is we get excited about reports which doesn’t relates to the business. Many banquet hall and other business owner become happy by just seeing vanity metrics which indicate number of visit to website. Instead of that focus on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which is important in achieving objectives.

Monitor Bounce Rate Of Your Website

Monitoring bounce rate is very important because it tell the quality of your banquet hall website. Low bounce rate indicate that your users are satisfied with content of your website which they receive for their searched query. There are several way to fix bounce rate such as improving content readability, creating compelling call to action etc.

Measure Organic Traffic To Understand Your User

In order to make your banquet hall website effective, you need to have greattraffic and conversion rate. Using Google analytics you can compare your traffic by date. You can make use of customized alert which keep you up to date when something happen with your website.

Use The Internal Website search

Internal site search creates valuable image on how the users got to your site. You can check the list of searched terms that your users looked on your domain. It gives you an idea about what your visitors want to see on your website.

Identify And Fix Slow Loading Pages

If you want visitors to stay on your website so that you can convince them to book banquet hall, you have to take care of their short patience time. If your website take time to load then it will have bad impact on your ranking. There are many ways to improve loading speed such as reducing image size, using light weight theme, better hosting provider etc.

If you apply the above mentioned tricks of Google analytics for banquet hall on the website, you can increase traffic as well as conversion rate.

Instagram Marketing for banquet hall is also an useful way to engage customer. You can make regular post of your banquet hall on Instagram to increase follower. But make sure that your content should not be too promotional in nature otherwise it will not welcomed by users. For example, can post pictures of decoration that you use in last party or event organized in your banquet hall and ask user’s to review it. In addition, you can let the follower know about party theme that you offer in your banquet hall by posting picture with interesting caption.

While doing Instagram marketing for banquet hall make sure to post image or post content that are trending, it will never let you go out of the fashion. For example, post picture of decoration with red and white theme wishing your followers for valentine day. You can also ask some question and post picture related to that event, such as :

  • Do you have an upcoming baby shower?
  • Looking to throw birthday bash?
  • Want to make class reunion memorable?

Make use of #Hashtags

Hashtags help user to search content on Instagram. Use of correct hashtags or its combination can expose your banquet hall to a wide customer base. You can also keep an eye on the hashtags which your competitors are using. In addition, you should also add location tag to enable users to find your banquet hall. Here are some example of hashtags which you can use :

  • #banquethall
  • #birthdayvenue
  • #receptionvenue
  • #partyvenue
  • #nightparty

Use Instagram Marketing Tools

There are several Instagram tools and apps available which help to boost online presence of your banquet hall. Such tools and apps are beneficial for Instagram marketing for banquet hall because they allow you to edit pictures, find influencer, create analytical data and more. You can use one or two apps to showcase your banquet hall and attract more follower.

Post Instagram Stories

Go live on Instagram to convey message of your banquet hall to followers. There are numerous ways to include live video in your Instagram page. You can add video of a party which is ongoing in your banquet hall and add caption like “Its Party Time” or add video of new centerpiece.

Use Instagram Ads

To do that you need to connect Facebook page of your banquet hall to your Instagram account. Then select campaign objective for banquet hall, you can select Engagement, read, video views etc. Now you have to specify the audience. For example, if your banquet hall specializes in different part theme, target people or group who frequently throw party.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is also an useful site which you can use to promote your banquet hall. With the help of Pinterest marketing for banquet hall, you can make your venue found by people who want to organize party or corporate even, it also help you to get people to your website and book your venue hall. In addition, you can also use Pinterest ads for getting your banquet hall in front of more people.

Make People Know Where You Are Located

In board description of your banquet hall Pinterest profile, let people know about the area where you banquet hall is located. It is an important part of Pinterest Marketing For Banquet Hall where you can consider how customer might be looking for the area, local people might search for town or specific region. For example, if your banquet hall is near some famous landmark, make sure to use the name of that landmark.

Pin Attractive Images Of Banquet Hall

Your banquet hall must have one board for its photos. You can create a board which shows limelight of party which is organized at your hall such as decoration, food, music band etc.
in addition, you should also add link of your website on those pictures which is helpful in getting people back to your banquet hall website.

Show Expertise Of Running Banquet Hall

Pinterest is perfect medium that you are extremely experienced in your field. So as a banquet hall owner you can create a board with articles on how to throw big party on small budget, preparation tips for any event or decoration according to theme of party. When customer visit your Pinterest page, they will know that you are well experienced about the hospitality and party ideas, which encourage them to visit your banquet hall.

Showcase Events Held At Your Venue

Pinterest is also a good medium to promote events that held at your banquet hall. This will show the facilities like decoration, food, lighting, arrangement, hospitality which people will get if they book your venue to organize any special event.

Make Sure To Engage Your Audience

Similar to any other social media platform, Pinterest also help you to communicate and engage your audience. So to get more from Pinterest Marketing For Banquet Hall, always connect with customers, make sure to reply them with nice comments and encourage things which they have posted and are relevant to you. You can also organize a competition asking your follower to take a best photo of your banquet hall. Best photo could get discount or some free service if they book your venue.

Usually people think that LinkedIn is the place only for reaching out employers or find prospect employees. But it is not true and LinkedIn has numerous tools which you can use to market your banquet hall. LinkedIn marketing strategy are now of large interest to successfully marketing . This is the reason why marketers are scrambling to create LinkedIn the new focus. Here are some powerful tips related to Linkedin Marketing For Banquet Hall which you can use to promote your venue and get more booking.

Use Linkedin Profile To Move Banquet Hall Forward

Create Linkedin page for your banquet hall and regularly update it to include announcement about or offer or some new product at your banquet hall. Because when you make any update, news of changes appear on news-feed of your subscriber. Expert recommend to include a relevant image while updating status for page.

Make Use Of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Linkedin sponsored updates are also beneficial for promoting your banquet hall because the ads will appear directly in the news feed of user . On the other hand you can also use LinkedIn ads but they only appear in right-column and they can easily be ignored. Here are some tips which you should keep in mind while using Sponsored Updates in Linkedin Marketing For Banquet Hall :

  • Do not use generic image, always use specif image of your banquet hall
  • Use filtering system to target demographic, it will result in higher clicks
  • Always use catchy text and call to action button to get more visitor

Utilize Publishing Platform Of Linkedin

Publish a fresh and non promotional content related to banquet hall on Linkedin. Always try to make a catchy title such as “Banquet hall with garden for 500 people”. In between the content or final paragraph, make sure mention your banquet hall with a link to its website. Here are some topics on which you can write and publish post to get viewers on website :

  • Advice for those who want to start banquet hall
  • Latest and trending party themes or decoration
  • Problem faced by attendees and their solution etc

Make Use Of Direct Messaging On Linkedin

Don’t be afraid to use your network to attract customer. Directly ask your Linkedin connection to promote your banquet hall in direct message. If there is a premium account, you can send paid InMail to anyone whether they are connected with you or not. However, LinkedIn paid InMail and ads make you to spend some cash but they have a big impact.

So above mentioned are some tricks which you can use for Linkedin Marketing For Banquet Hall and to drive more audience to your venue.

If you are struggling to fill your banquet hall, Facebook ads could be the solution for that. Main benefit of Facebook Ads For Banquet Hall is its ability to find and reach exact audience. So if you know your customer, you can use Facebook ads to engage them. In addition it also provide you number of tools which enable you to target people precisely whom you wish to deliver banquet hall ads. To do that first of all you need to create ads with the help of Ads manager and if you already have created it then follow the below given points to make the ads effective.

Campaign Objective For Banquet Hall Facebook Ads

There are number of marketing objective available in Facebook Ads For Banquet Hall and it is necessary to select the right objective. However, you can select several objectives like Brand awareness, reach, lead generation, engagement etc., but it depends on what you wish to achieve with the Facebook ad campaign.

  • If you want your customer to get in touch with you, then select “Message” as objective
  • If you are looking to get traffic for your banquet hall website, then select “Traffic”

Focus On Your Target Audience

Once you select objective, you have to create Facebook ads that defines your target audience. Below are some types of people who you should target with banquet hall Facebook ads

  • People looking to hold company meetings
  • Who want to host birthday party
  • Couple looking for wedding reception
  • Students looking for class reunion etc.

Use Tools To Target Your Followers

Facebook provide several tools using which you can define people who you want to target with Facebook ads.

  • Location : It will help you to deliver ads only to those user who live in the city or location where your banquet hall is located.
  • Age: Using age settings, you can restrict people according to age who are going to see the ads. For example you can deliver ads to people between 18 to 25 for class reunion.
  • Gender : Similarly to age, gender settings allow you to deliver Facebook ads to particular gender only. For example, if you are giving offer to people who host baby shower event at your banquet hall, you can deliver the ads to Women only.
  • Language : Using language settings, you can deliver the Facebook ads who spoke that specific language only.

Make Use Of Detail Targeting Option

Detail targeting is one of the best option for Facebook ads. It is done by using demographic, behavior and Interest. For example, you want to deliver ads to user who have upcoming birthdays of friends.

But displaying Facebook ads for banquet hall is not enough, you should also monitor performance of ads. Make proper changes to optimize the ads and get the leads.

A mobile app can play great role for marketing of your banquet hall. App is also an useful tool because it can bring instant benefits to your customer. After you attract your customer with ads, content or social media, you will need to retain them and app marketing for banquet hall is something that make your customer return to your venue again. Here we’ll know how a mobile app can market your banquet hall and drive customer to it. So, let’s see what operational and marketing value app can bring to your banquet hall business, and how you can create a client base for your banquet hall with the mobile app.

Allow Customer To Book Your Venue Online

Booking banquet hall from mobile will be fast and convenient for your customer. Your banquet hall app allow your client to choose their convenient day or time from apps calendar that shows the free slots.

Remind About Booking & Inform About Updates

App marketing for banquet hall allow you to reach your client and it doesn’t matter wherever they are. By automating reminder about booking you don’t have to call them individually. In addition, you can also inform them about new items or themes that you are going to add in your service.

Share Videos Of Organized Events

With the help of your banquet hall app, you can demonstrate your service through videos which show about facilities, decoration, food, space which they can enjoy if they book any event at your venue. You can also link your app to your YouTube account to share content with your customer. Yes, it will surely need effort but it will also make you stand out of your competitors.

Give Personalized Offers To Your Clients

With the help of in app notification or analytics, you can inform the user about special offer. For example those who are going to book your venue second time will get 10% discount. You can also segment your customer according to gender, age and other parameters, it help you send them personalized offers.

In addition, you should also put map feature in the app which help your customer to see the route of your venue from where they are. But having a app is not enough, in order to make more from app marketing for banquet hall you also need to promote the app to make your user download it. To do that you have to make online presence of your app by showing it on your website, sharing it on Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram profile.

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