Digital Marketing For Beauty Salon

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Do you wish to promote your beauty Salon business using digital marketing? Looking for digital marketing for beauty salon? Beauty salon and Spa is quite trendy business these days and can do brisk sales when it comes to generating revenue from clients and customers. Digital marketing can really give a boost to Beauty Salon business by advertising and promoting the kind of services which you are willing to offer for complete satisfaction of customers. Be it facial, bleach, hair dyes and coloring, stylish hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, spa, sauna bath, body massage or bridal makeup or any other services that is in your mind to make brisk business in the segment of beauty salon. Advertising and publicity over digital channels can prove to be quite trendy in increasing the foot falls of customers visiting your beauty salon in week days or weekends. The only thing which you should know is how to make use of digital marketing channels in connecting to your clients and customers.

In this digital world, where every business require some sort of marketing to gain profits, business such as beauty salon is no exception. It cannot be better than digital marketing for beauty Salon. One can easily share required information of Beauty Salon such as its location, Services, Catalogs with rate chart, time slot, contact details, working hours etc can easily be shared using digital channels so that it becomes convenient for customers to avail services which they are seeking. Apart from this, sharing beauty tips, latest how to guides, makeover sessions, catalogs, customer response and reviews can be quite trendy to target other clients and turn them into regular customers for beauty salon business.

There is no doubt about the fact that following these trends using Internet will surely give a boost to your business of beauty salon and will also help customers to pick the right beauty salon according to their needs and desires. Positive reviews and feedbacks of customers is bound to give good response. Digital marketing is best way to enhance market of your beauty Salon business online to give assured results. It is the most authentic medium to enhance your brand visibility and to earn reputation in beauty salon segment and to compete with other competitors in the market. So it is the right time to promote business of beauty salon in right perspective.

Who are You

Are you New in Beauty Salon Market?

If you are new in the business of beauty salon and Spa, digital marketing can be the best medium to create publicity to attract more number of visitors turn into regular customers. Today people heavily rely upon Internet when it comes to searching of best beauty salon and this is where one can target such trends and make sure that your beauty salon get listed on some of the popular sites which draws more number of visitors searching for beauty salons and spas. Unless and until one does not get listed, it will not be possible to venture into profitable Beauty Salon business. If you are new in the market, do little bit of research work and try to find the rates as well as services which are being offered by other top beauty salons, it won’t do any harm to introduce offers and discounts and make it publicly known to customers through online ads and sharing it on social platforms.

This will definitely draw good amount of customers as they will at least visit your beauty salon. How good it can be to make a video of your beauty salon and post it on YouTube channel. Also don’t forget to write some catchy Titles as Best Beauty Salon, Top Beauty Salon of the place where it is located. There will be good chances as people always have a tendency to search with words like best and Top on Internet.

You are old in Existing Beauty Salon Market

If you are old in existing beauty salon market then you can learn from your competitors and look for the kind of services and offers they are providing to their customers. Also things will not be as difficult for you to make customers as your services will count. Customers response and ratings matters a lot on website. Go for it if you haven’t worked on this area. Good response from your existing customers will make a way for new ones also.

You have a New Product for Beauty Salon

If you wish to launch or advertise for some new beauty product for beauty salon such as facial cream, bleach, or skin lotion, Digital marketing is right medium to do so. Create a mass awareness for the new beauty product and share information to pass on others as to why should it be used. Writing about the benefits for using of the beauty product can be versatile and posting it on Article, blog sites can be trendy. You can also try selling it on E-commerce website such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Or You have an existing Product

If you have an existing beauty product in the segment of Beauty Salon and you wish to sell it online, it is quite easy through digital marketing course. All you have to do is to advertise it on Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce platform. Since most of the people prefer to look for beauty products online than to go to market. This will serve a good profitable business and will enhance your profit with the convenience of online selling.

15 Steps To Grow Beauty Salon Business Online

  • Step 1 : Market Research
  • Step 2: Create a Professional Logo & Set up a Website on WordPress
  • Step 3 : Email Marketing – Send Regular Emails to Your Existing Clients & New Leads
  • Step 4 : Write Content For Your Website & Marketing Materials
  • Step 5 : Youtube Marketing Video’s for Beauty Salon
  • Step 6 : Facebook Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 7 : Twitter Account For Digital Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 8 : Quora Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 9 : Google Ads For Digital Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 10 : Google Analytics For Beauty Salon
  • Step 11 : Instagram Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 12 : Pinterest Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 13 : Linkedin Marketing For Beauty Salon
  • Step 14 : Facebook Ads For Beauty Salon
  • Step 15 : App Marketing For Beauty Salon

Market Research

Market research is most important task which constitutes digital Marketing of Beauty Salon. If you do not adhere to market research you cannot know what customers really seek as a service part as far as beauty salon business is concerned. All don’t forget to have an eye on your competitors. Always take out some time and search it on Google as how to promote business of your beauty salon and keep yourself updated with latest trends whether its about latest hair style or some trendy products in the beauty segment.

Find Pain Points & Desires

Always focus on and try to find out pain points and desires of customers if you wish to be successful in the business of beauty salon. Since the most common problem which a customer often experiences is of exorbitant charge. Many of the salons and spas overcharge their customer and offer very little or poor services when compared to the cost incurred. This is the area where you need to work on and charge according to the services which is being offered. You also need to ensure that your beauty salon offers better services at affordable rates so that customers often visit every now and then. This will be a win win situation as many of the customers who are unhappy with the services and fee charged in other beauty salon will prefer to switch over and will become permanent customers.

Identify Problems & solution for product or service

If you are unable to find enough customers for your beauty salon then you need to promote your beauty salon through digital marketing. This is one of the best way to be popular in today’s modern era. Unless and until you don’t let others know about your beauty salon, there will be pretty less chances for customers to step in your salon.

Identification of problems and their solution related to beauty salon and services seem to be most important if you wish your business to flourish. Hair fall is one such problem which most customers are having these days and often customers come complaining to beauty salon. So you need to address such issues and suggest some good hair shampoo that would retain hairs and prevent further hair-fall. So you need to have some health and beauty tips pertaining to this issue on your website or blog. This will give your website a good edge over others or your competitor’s website with good chances to stand alone.

Also you need to focus on tips as to how Probably a head massage might be good option that would help prevent hair from damage. This can be a better way to impress your customer and ensure they develop trust and satisfaction towards your beauty salon services. Also you need to explain about the ingredients of the shampoo or any other beauty products which is being promoted to customers for purpose of purchasing.

Since there are so many beauty salons flourishing in every areas or locality, it can be a daunting task to attract new customers as well as to retain the existing old customers. Never take customers for granted and always ensure to keep beauty salon updated with all latest and trendy services. Prompt services of beauty salon counts most. Ensure that you have facility so that customers can book an appointment online so that they don’t have to exert themselves and their time and energy get saved. Also it can be brilliant idea to give them a callback just to remind them they have pre-booked appointment in beauty salon.

Find main keywords which your customers will be looking for

Targeting keywords on your website is most important since it will bring your site on top of Google if you wish to rank better. The most searched beauty Since Digital Marketing for beauty Salon and spa is all about promoting your business and converting it into revenue by attracting regular and new customers to the salon on regular basis. You need to target keywords like Beauty Salon Town, Beauty Salons in Town, Town Beauty Salons etc. On your website homepage or landing page. So that whenever anyone searches with following keywords, there is good scope of the site to be among the top search results. Also it should be properly stuffed in Meta Titles and Description of your webpage.

Also you need to focus the space which is there in the footer of website. Providing complete address of beauty salon with Area code, telephone number, email can be vital as these will be easier to follow by customers as well as it will be get indexed by Google.

Segment according to type of customers

You need to identify the segment of services which suits type of customers and promote it using digital marketing. For instance females would be more interested for facial, black spot removals, manicure, waxing etc. so you need to target such customers by presenting best offers in the segment . You can send offers to them through emails, Whatsapp, text sms. You can start active campaign or niche to target particular or specific customers and clients. Targeting the searches according to demographic data as age, locations, occupation, bachelors, married, gender, Eco-conscious customers who prefer organic or herbal beauty products cum treatments. Digital Marketing Strategy and tactics are sure to promote your beauty salon among clients and customers if done in planned manner.

Advertising on your blogs and websites about latest and trendy makeovers and haircuts can give a good start over. Also writing healthy tips to slim down and how to lose weight through natural ways can draw a lot of attention of the visitors as this is most searched topic on the web. Those of the customers who want to look slim and attractive would surely like to visit such a beauty salon at least once as a trial.

Set up a Website on WordPress :

Setting up of a website on WordPress can be good idea to start with as this can prove to be drawing customers for your beauty salon. WordPress is one of the most popular choice among for all business including beauty salon and is preferred by 75 million users so far. Selecting a nice theme for beauty salon and spa websites will easily do the job for you and can be best way to customize themes to give a cool look from time to time. Also if you make use of certain WordPress plug-ins, you can create caldera forms where by customers can easily use the same to book for online appointments, or share their name, contact no. etc so that they can be contacted by the representatives of beauty salon for their convenience. Actually WordPress site is easy to use and is convenient for any one to use even if you are a beginner. It is quite easy to manage WordPress sites as all you need to add post and publish them easily. Also one can easily upload desired images in the media library. For beauty salon related WP sites, posting images and articles of latest fashion, hairstyles, beauty tips, fitness related blogs can be superb idea.

Free Websites

There are various free websites which can be used for publishing contents for beauty salons and spa. One can easily create a page or post for beauty salon and provide all details related to kind of services, price list, subscribe online within few easy clicks. Free sites like blogspot,,,, free WP, give option to post comments and feedback on your free website to know about your customers opinion or how was their experience about your beauty salon. Since they are free it can easily be signed up free of cost. Only you need to register using your email id. Also it can be easily signed in using the login details with required username or email and the password from any where either at the convenience of home or beauty salon for that matter. Also you can make any desired url having the keyword in the URL if its available or not been used before on that free website database.

Or get your own domain & Hosting

IF you are looking for a professional website for beauty salon and spa business then it would be better to get your own domain and hosting. As there is famous proverb with business perspective that says if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business. The literal meaning of their proverb is pretty clear and makes a lot of sense which is if you wish to target more number of customers, you need to have a professional website for your beauty salon. To have an online presence on digital platform is the need of the hour and is most necessary asset one should thrive for. A professional website helps in building brand value and credibility among customers. Website can work as best instrument to draw customers closer to your business 24X7 even when your beauty salon in offline or is closed as one can find relevant information regarding salon and key details as working hours or when it can be visited next.

Email Marketing for Beauty Salon

Are you wondering how you could generate revenue by drawing more number of customers towards your beauty salon and spa? Email marketing can be real solution to this query as it provides best platform to reach to your desired and valuable customers for promoting beauty salon business. You can easily create mails and send them to your customers. Not only that you can also track mails, newsletter, or get to know about your customers by conducting online surveys as a part of email marketing. Since it is the most convenient way to connect to your clients and customers within few easy clicks. Also in this digital world, every one uses email and can be easily reached to using the same.

There is no doubt to the fact that email marketing is most convenient and cost effective way to reach out to your customers and stay them updated in the segment of beauty salon business. Also if you are looking to target and attract customers to beauty salon then don’t forget to target few templates and quotes as email subject such as these

Get 10% Discount this Summer or Winter season.
Do visit our beauty salon to avail season’s discount.
Heavy Discount on Bridal Makeup and packages this wedding Season
Summer Offer, Winter Offer, Limited Period Offer or Limited Time Left, Hurry!!

It really works and will help convert leads into sales and customers will surely book their appointment for beauty salon. Similarly, you can give early offers on beauty packages for first come first serve basis, pre festive and festival offers, offers for Birthdays, Special discount for Groups. these can really work to grab one’s attention by making use of such suitable subject lines for email marketing purposes.

Also after sending such mail for marketing, you can also track back to know whether the mail has been successfully delivered to the inbox, how many of your customers have read the mails, whether they have clicked the links or not, how many of users have subscribed or unsubscribe to the beauty salon services using email tracking feature using email marketing.

Write content for website & marketing materials

It is important to target keywords and relevant material in the website content for beauty salon. However before writing content you should be well aware of the fact that for whom you are targeting. Content marketing is an essential strategy for your beauty salon marketing because this will help you to gain more customers. You can write content for your beauty salon website or blog about advantages of services and product that you offer. It has been seen that most of the beauty salon owner mostly focus on buy one get one free campaign or discount on product or services. Instead of creating such content, you can write a Facebook post or blog entry like why your skin moisturizer is great and how it is effective in repairing damaged or dull skin.

Your potential customers who are struggling with skin problem will acknowledge your experience and they get enticed to purchase your product. At the end of the content, you can include information regarding ongoing promotion. Below are some other content marketing strategy which you can use to gain more clients for your beauty salon.

Write about how to, tips & tricks

People like advice related to beauty and wellness. Therefore, you can write about top 5 ways on how to keep face skin luminous and soft, how to take care of nails and make them strong, to avoid back pain and more.

Add pictures and videos in content

Pictures and videos attract customer and you must include it in your post or article about beauty salon. Utilize below given ideas to add image and videos in your content :

  • Include before and after photos of beauty treatment
  • Add videos of facial, eyelash, manicure, pedicure etc
  • You can also add infographic related to some service

Share updates and latest trends

While writing content for your beauty salon website, you should also write about product you are going to add at your place such as facial machine and more. In addition, you should also write about trending product or service related to beauty salon. You can also share some beauty guide from popular person and tag them by write something interesting like “Check out this eyebrow tutorial, do you want such eyebrows”.

When you write blog or article for your beauty salon website, try to ask a question which requires answer. Regularly reply on the comment because it keep your client engaged which help your article rank and bring more customer to your beauty salon.

YouTube Marketing for beauty Salon

YouTube is one of the powerful tool using which you can promote your beauty salon and attract more customer for it. With the help of YouTube videos you can speak directly to your client by sharing information about any beauty related topic like tips to take care of your skin this winter. As a professional, you cam also answer some questions on YouTube like, why do people get dead skin on face, can i treat acne by facial etc.

People can get answer for these question on Google too, but seeing a professional explaining each answer will give them confidence and they start following you. With that in the mind, here are some ways you can do YouTube marketing for beauty salon.

Make promotional video

It is always a good plan to introduce new customers to your beauty salon. Creating promotional video on YouTube can trigger desire of your customers to learn about the services you offer. You can make videos about facial, temporary or permanent hair removal, eyebrow tinting, massage etc.

Customer testimonials

Client testimonial video is a fantastic way to strengthen your beauty salon business on YouTube. Such videos don’t need production because it is all about what your client say. You can make videos of your customer explaining how your facial help her to make skin glow or how your tweezing helps give perfect shape to the eyebrows.

Beauty tips and tricks

Your beauty salon’s YouTube channel can turn into a big marketing thing as long as you provide fresh perspective content. Videos on tips and tricks work very well especially in field of beauty salons. From sharing ideas about face skin care routine to bridal makeup, you can made different videos about the services that you offer.

In addition, you can also make videos on product review. For example you can make video about some new cream or gel you are going to use in your beauty salon. You can discuss benefits of the product like you are doing with the client who is present at your space. But only creating video is not enough, you also have to share on different platform to get views.

Facebook Marketing For beauty Salon

Are you looking to market your beauty salon on Facebook? Or are you not getting the results you want and need a boost to your beauty salon? Facebook is a great platform to engage with your current and potential customers inorder to spread more awareness about your beauty salon services and create a brand loyalty with your customers by reinforcing what makes your beauty salon unique. As, with the increase in usage of Facebook in every industry, it has become very crucial for your beauty salon business to know how to connect with the customers and use Facebook platform so that customers will be aware of the services and you can have benefit in beauty salon business.

Facebook provides a perfect way to share your beauty salon services, post photos of your beauty salon and create contests or giveaways to promote your beauty salon brand loyalty and spread awareness of your beauty salon brand.

Following are some Facebook marketing tips for beauty salon:

Write relevant posts to engage consumers- Write posts that customers want to respond to and they will enjoy in giving their opinion on your beauty salon.

Post pictures and lots of them- In fun holiday themed manicures or gorgeous bridal party hairstyles, your picture provide an outlet to show what you can do. These help to bring new referrals for your beauty salon through your front doors as your current customers share the photo with their own personal networks.

Treat your Facebook page of your beauty salon as a miniature website- When your customers arrive on your beauty salon Facebook page then they should be able to find all of the information for which they are looking for.

Engage your beauty salon customers through Facebook contests and giveaways- People love free stuff whether that be a $100 gift card to your beauty salon or a discount on a beauty package for Mother’s day or any other day. Your customers will love the ease of being able to enter or receive the promotion on Facebook. They will also comment on the contest page post of your beauty salon or share it to their own Facebook friends which creates more awareness for your beauty salon business.

Target your ads for your beauty salon- Use Facebook ads to give full ability through targeting customers and target only people located close to your beauty salon or those who like related to your beauty salon Facebook pages.

Twitter marketing of beauty salon

Twitter is also an important online platform using which you can keep your beauty salon chair full. Twitter tools are steadily gaining boost in marketing and prospecting for beauty salons of all sizes, it is important to know how to get most value from your tweets. First of all you need to create account of your beauty salon on Twitter if not created. Make sure to use some relevant name in twitter profile such as @BeautyHairSalon. You should also give every detail related to the beauty salon in the bio such as where it is located, opening time etc.

Once done start sharing information which is useful as well as interesting to your customers. You can write also write about your experience in the field or latest trend in beauty industry. Below are some tips which will ensure that you are twitting to your customer in effective way :

Share about your services

Post information related to the service that you provide in your beauty salon. In addition, you should also announce exclusive offers on these services only for those who are following your beauty salon twitter account. You can also provide group deals such as 20% off this weekend on facial or manicure for 2 or more people.

Make use of twitter hashtags

Hashtag is one of the important tool on Twitter. Whenever you post any update related to your beauty salon, make sure to insert hashtags at end of those updates. For example, if you are posting update related to waxing, you can use #smoothskin hashtag. It is also a great way to make your contest post unique or tag specific location of your beauty salon.

Follow your audience and competitors

You should follow your potential customer on Twitter and answer their question related to beauty or salon. In addition, you should also run a poll on Twitter asking your follower to select best among two services for example, which is best for eyebrows, threading or waxing.

Remember that Twitter is not more different from other digital marketing, therefore you need to wisely use keyword which help you boost Google search ranking of beauty salon website. Make sure that you tweet regularly and don’t forget to add image or videos related to your beauty salon or service which you provide.

Quora Marketing For Beauty Salon

Have you recently opened a new beauty salon or wanted to promote your existing salon or introducing some new services or products in the beauty salon. And if you are looking to gain in depth knowledge about the Quora Marketing for Beauty Salon then must use these tips to boost up your salon business. Today the Quora is identified as a greatest digital marketing tool where you can promote your beauty salon business because it can easily attract huge number to potential clients to the company’s website. It is the best place to share your gained knowledge on topics related to beauty salon and spa. One can easily learn more about it as well as can develop a brand awareness for the services or beauty products. Through this you can easily hit the tremendous mass of people over the Internet easily within low cost budget.

Try to optimize your profile for Beauty Salon

Before you start questioning or answering about topics related to beauty and health try to optimize your profile by introducing some relevant credible because they are effective in gaining attention of the clients that will enhances the traffic to your beauty salon’s website.

Making Use of Images

By introducing some relevant pictures for your answers you can easily influence the visitors to your beauty salon website.

Get Quora linked to social media account

You can also link your Quora account with the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc for increasing the shares, likes and follows. You have to be an active participant by publishing some useful content on Quora blog, answering, questioning about the beauty tips.

By giving some discount offers for online booking

Through offering some discounts for the online bookings of the clients you can easily drives enormous amount of traffic to your beauty salon website and enhances the business growth.

Posting answers related to beauty salon and tips

Through answering on any subject related to beauty salon, products or services you can easily show the expertise in the relevant field. You can also add some tips and tricks with the link of your salon website so that the potential customers can easily attracted towards your beauty salon.

Nowadays the Quora marketing is emerged as one of the best platform for conducting discussions, polls, views, sharing knowledge on the desired topics. It is an effective method to bring the qualified traffic to your beauty salon website through posting some solutions to the beauty related problems, specific informations about any beauty products or services. It is the excellent way to engage the targeted audience and spreading the world about your beauty salon through connecting different new people.

Google Ads for beauty Salon

Google Ads are considered as essential specially to promote local business like Beauty salon. However, there are several other modes of advertisement also available but research show that more than 70% of the ads on Internet is Google ads. Almost all the user’s who search for “best beauty salon near me” or “haircut salon near me” select the business which is displayed on first page of Google search results. So with the help of Google ads you can also bring your beauty salon on first page and it drive more customer to your salon.

To get benefited from Google ads, you need to use it properly. Below are some steps which you should follow while using Google ads to let your audience make an appointment with you.

Select right keyword

You should target both short tail and log tail keywords in Google ads for your beauty salon. It is also necessary to use relevant keyword for the services you offer in your beauty salon and also add location. Below are some example of keyword which you should use in Google ads :

  • Best beauty salon in California
  • Hair salon near me
  • Facial salon near me
  • Best waxing services

Build a landing page for Beauty Salon offer

While promoting your beauty salon through Google ads, make sure to announce an offer like, “bring your friend and get free facial”. But giving an offer is not enough, you should also build a landing page of that offer. Your landing page doesn’t need menu or links, instead it must have a call to action button with relevant name such as “Book appointment with our beautician today”. This will encourage people to quickly book an appointment.

Structure beauty salon Google ads

Create headline to what your audience are searching for and include location. Make URL relevant to the type of beauty salon your potential client will search. It is always beneficial to add about your best service in the description, such as “10 years of experience as hairstylist” or “best value for money on facial”.

In the final URL, add the page where you want to make your potential customer land after clicking on Google ads. So if you follow these tips while posting Google ads, you can easily book appointment for your beauty salon.

Google Analytics for beauty Salon

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that allows beauty salon owner to track their improving performance over period of time. It gives you rich insights into your beauty salon website traffic and marketing effectiveness. With the help of Google Analytics, you can start analyzing your beauty salon website traffic in within hours.

Google Analytics will also give you information about how people are finding your beauty salon website like by entering your beauty salon website address, by searching for keywords or phrases that brought them to your beauty salon website or by other websites that had a link to your beauty salon. It shows all traffic sources of visits of your beauty salon like by search engines, referring sites, direct traffic and others. It is extremely helpful in getting an insight into your user’s behaviour on your beauty salon website. With the help of Google Analytics, you will be able to measure traffic sources of your beauty salon website, your user’s interaction pattern and bounce rates.

With the use of Google Analytics, you can clearly identify poorly performing webpages of your beauty salon with techniques such as funnel visualization, from where visitors came (referrers), for how long they stayed on your beauty salon website and their geographical position. It provides valuable insights that can help your beauty salon website to earn the success strategy of your business. It collects data from your beauty salon website automatically and make reports accordingly.

Google Analytics reveal what potential customers are looking for after arriving on your beauty salon website and it also reveals the area of growth opportunity by uncovering the harsh situations where certain situations may be unclear to you or lacking on your beauty salon website. It provides you a detailed report of the webpages of your beauty salon that are experiencing a high bounce rate so that you can reduce bounce rate of your beauty salon website. With the use of Google Analytics, you can uncover all valuable data about your audience to determine which channels drive the most of the traffic to your beauty salon website. It gives you a data on how the visitors were driven to your beauty salon website like through age, gender, interests, device and location.

It helps you to keep a continuous track of all the content that receives shares and views on your beauty salon website. It helps you to continuous track how much your beauty salon business is moving ahead and progressing day by day.

Instagram Marketing for beauty salon

Are you looking forward to market your beauty salon on Instagram? Did you want to know the effective ways to engage the valuable clients for your beauty salon through Instagram Marketing? If you need an ultimate guide to have some Instagram Marketing tips for your beauty salon then this is the right place for you. So, keep reading this article carefully to know all the strategies that can help in enhancing the business of beauty salon.

Nowadays the Instagram has become one of the favorite as well as popular social media global platform through which one can easily shares any photos or videos within the specified community. This is a highly secured social networking site that provides services which is originally designed for the smart-phone application. Thus, Instagram Marketing has become the most appropriate technique to gain brand awareness for their launched product or services. It is the one of the best convenient way to target the potential clients for gaining huge amount of traffic to the desired website by posting some photos or videos related to the new or existing products or services of the company.

Today Instagram is a perfect social media platform which is essentially needed by any beauty salon for promoting their brand in the market with effective result. Because Instagram is a visual platform which is growing at a rapid rate. Thus, the Instagram marketing is considered to be a fantastic tool for promoting the beauty salon business. Hence, here in this article we are providing some essential Instagram Marketing ideas for the beauty salon. Lets begin

Create a Instagram Account for your Business- First of all try to create a new Instagram account for your business which can be easily recognized by the visitors. Always enter the actual details of your business profile.

Optimize your Instagram Account- now select a right profile picture for your business profile which gives a first real impression on the new customers. Try to use logo or any other relevant image for the Instagram profile picture.

Transformation photos to be posted (before and after makeup images)- Try to post some real world photos of people with makeup done by the makeup artist before and after shots can be posted to make the difference. Some new trendy hair styles, hair cuts, colors, nail arts, facials and many more can be included in the promotion.

Try to promote the new tools, products and equipments used by your beauty salon- If you want to introduce any new product, techniques or equipments into the beauty salon. This can be easily done by some nice brand tagging which can boost up your business opportunities.

Latest informations about some upcoming events or discount offers in the salon for the online booking- try to create some events or have some discount offers for the Instagram users while they book for any services online.

Use of photo collage of various styling techniques that was done for your existing clients, for taking such snaps make sure to use a good quality of DSLR camera for capturing the photos or videos for uploading on the site. Some special events photos like wedding makeup, engagement dress up, new trendy hair style for girls etc.

Always try to be active on the social networking site through posting the relevant posts, videos or photos on regular interval of time.

Try to interact with the clients with comments and the posts you receive for your photos. Use good hashtags for your beauty salon such that they can drive new clients for your business and enhances the growth of the company.

Hopefully this post on ideas of Instagram Marketing for beauty salon will surely helps the business owner in promoting their new launched beauty salon services and products in the relevant industry.

Pinterest Marketing for Beauty Salon Business

Pinterest Marketing is a big, free social media platform that allows every Beauty Salon Business users to display, collect and share visual elements (mainly photos and videos) inorder to save them to virtual boards to get more and more traffic in your Beauty Salon Business. Pinterest Marketing allows your Beauty Salon Business to organize and collect articles, photos and other forms of online content according to specific areas of interest. Pinterest Marketing is a useful strategy for Beauty Salon Business to drive huge traffic back to your Beauty salon website.

Predominantly, Pinterest’s customers are made up of women who often go onto the Pinterest platform to look for inspiration for makeup tips or hairstyles. With the help of Pinterest, you can create your own boards and start pinning styles that inspire your Beauty Salon Business, you can add pictures of your glamorous employees and before and after pictures of your clients. So, in this way you can start to create a following for your Beauty Salon Business content and build a sense of style and integrity around your Beauty salon business through Pinterest.

Here are the some reasons why every Beauty Salon business should use Pinterest.

  • With the use of Pinterest, you can upload a beautiful image, tag it with proper tags and add a good description in it to get huge visitors in your beauty salon business.
  • Hair stylists are recognized as visual people so you can connect with them for your Beauty Salon Business.
  • If you sell haircare products on your Beauty salon business via Pinterest Marketing, you will definitely take advantage of generating huge traffic.
  • People are generally visit to Pinterest to get new ideas and be inspired. So, you can get new customers and inspire them to visit your Beauty salon business.
  • Using Pinterest, you will get incredibly large amount of website referrals. When you upload an original image that gets pinned multiple times or goes viral, the link on the pin will be redirecting traffic back to your Beauty salon website. This can enhance your search engine rankings of your beauty salon business dramatically.
  • With the help of Pinterest, whenever your beauty salon business adds a new pin, it will appear on your follower’s homepage to take the extra step to search out your beauty salon business content.
  • Re-allocating some of your Beauty salon business marketing to get photography and videography in place to share can set you up for other promotional opportunities on new channels to bring more business from new people.

Pinterest Marketing for Beauty Salon Business is an extremely casual platform where people candidly write and pin. It makes a wonderful opportunity to integrate a more personalized beauty salon voice into your Beauty salon business Pinterest page. Shed your polished image of your beauty salon business and get to know your customers because they are the ones repining and following you!

For beauty salon that prioritize strong visual content on social media, setting up and maintaining a beauty salon business, Pinterest page is a great step towards a robust social media marketing plan that reaches several demographics.

Linkedin Marketing for Beauty Salon Business

Similar to other online platform, Linkedin is also a great place where you can promote your beauty salon business and drive customers for it. Few years ago, this amazing platform was only used to find employees but nowadays it has been used by business owners to promote their product or services. With the help of Linkedin, you can also develop long term relationship with your client and they will also recommend your product. Its new prominence on the visual content makes it easy for business owner to engage their network and stay top of their competitor.

Here are some powerful ideas using which you can promote your beauty salon on Linkedin and attract more customer to your place.

Share curated content

You can share blog posts related to your beauty salon website or updated menus of your services. Linkedin will show these content in the network’s news feed. In addition, you can also use sharing bookmarklet of Linkedin to share latest trend related to beauty salon which attract your audience.

Share visual content

Taking advantage of Linkedin’s visual capability you can share pictures of your beauty salon, staff engaged with customers, client getting facial or haircut, before and after picture of customer or something else that show quality of services you provide.

You can join groups

Search for local and regional groups related to beauty salon business and join them. By participating in those groups, you can create own profile for your beauty salon. Make sure to share helpful information such as natural way to treat acne and pimples, how to glow facial skin etc. You should avoid sharing promotional content.

Engage with your audience

Like Facebook, Linkedin is also a social network and you need to keep your follower engaged. Try to refresh your news feed regularly, do like and comment on the posts which is shared by your network. Doing this will also give an idea about the services your audience prefer from a beauty salon.

Make use Linkedin ads

Linkedin ads are also a good way to reach right people for your beauty salon. It also provide targeting option and using it you can target your customer by location, title, age group etc. These ads can also help you to reach potential customer who want to book your beauty salon for wedding party or some other special event.

Facebook Ads for Beauty Salon Marketing

A major benefit of your beauty salon marketing ads on Facebook is to reach your exact customers. You can advertise to the people by their interests, age, behavior and location. You can use Facebook ads to engage with your customers if you really know them very well. Facebook ads is really very effective because it drives immediate results in short time. With the help of Facebook, you can start reaching thousands of people any where.

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Beauty Salon Marketing

Facebook ads increases your Beauty Salon Marketing awareness and it’s a great way to make people aware of what you have to offer. Facebook ads increases website traffic by which you will run a website click campaign to target your customers and send them to your Beauty Salon website.

Facebook ads increases sales, revenue and leads of your beauty salon and it is also measurable. You can see how many clicks, impressions and conversions you are receiving on your beauty salon Facebook ads. Facebook ads increases your customer attribution which means how many times your customers see your beauty salon. The more times people interact with your beauty salon business, the more they will convert. Facebook ads helps you to increase your touch points with your customers and leads to more conversions near future.

Facebook ads lowers your cost per acquisition of your beauty salon business which means you can cut out some of the other expensive ad campaigns for which you are invested in. People see your Beauty Salon Marketing ads on Facebook, visit your website and visit your location if they want any haircut styles. Facebook ads engage your website visitors by using an ads tactic called remarketing which allows you to advertise to recent website visitors. This means if someone visits your beauty salon website and doesn’t contact you, you can re-engage with them with Facebook ads. Facebook ads drive repeat beauty salon business from customers who have visited you in the past.

App Marketing for Beauty Salon

A mobile app can help you to get better traffic in your beauty salon. Whether your expertise is manicure, haircut, pedicure or massage, streaming your beauty salon services with the help of a mobile app can be beneficial. With the help of an app and little effort, you can improve your beauty salon business. To get more from the beauty salon app, you have to include the following features in it :

Mobile App for Beauty Salon

Having this feature in your beauty salon app is helpful for appointment management and improve repeat appointments. Using this feature your customer can access reservation which is linked through calendar of your app. It also help your client to know when they can book appointment.

Offer of the week

Weddings, valentine and other special events are the seasons when yur client need to give them new look or upgrade their look. So your beauty salon app should have a feature which allow you to display special offers for your clients.

Special Notification

Your beauty salon app must have push up notification feature. Using this feature you can display notification related to offers that you provide on your services, such as 10% discount on facial, get face massage free with pedicure etc. Because it show reward, client must visit your beauty salon.

Appointment Reminders

It is also among must have feature in your beauty salon app. Using this feature you can send notification to your customer for the appointment they have made with you. Many customer book appointment but they forget because of busy schedule but this feature will remind them and drive them to your place.

You should also reward your client for making appointment, for example you can provide them treat card that allow them to get some discount if they visit third or fourth time your salon. Such reward also encourage user’s to give good rating and positive review to your app. Remember, apps with positive reviews and ratings are easy to find in app store.

But getting an app is not enough to drive customer to your beauty salon, you have to let your client about the app and make them install it in their phone. You can share the app on Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube and other online platform.


Following the above mentioned tips and suggestions will definitely give your Beauty Salon business a real boost. So what are you waiting for? Just implement this today And promote your Beauty Salon using Digital marketing now!!

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