Web Hosting at Patna

Selecting right web hosting is one of the vital phase in launching a website. Today, more and more people are starting online business, because operating a business through Internet has lots of advantage. To start online business you need to create a website and to launch it onto the web you have to obtain a web hosting company. There are lots of company who claim to provide best hosting service but because of our comprehensive and affordable service we are among best Web Hosting at Patna. Whether you have to create a site or register a domain to web hosting, we provide all the crucial service which help you to boost your online business.

Things To Consider When Picking A Web Hosting At Patna

Before you shop for a web host, you must know all the necessary factors. Most companies claim to provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email etc. Therefore you must aware for what you are looking in your hosting company. There are many companies of Web Hosting at Patna and to see all reviews, comment and ads can be overwhelming. Here are some must have features of a good web hosting provider :

•  Your web hosting provider must provide FTTP access. Use of FTTP allow you to upload files from your computer to the server.

•  Cyber security is a challenge today. The web hosting company must provide DDoS protection, encryption, web application firewall etc.

•  The Web Hosting at Patna which you are going to select must provide WordPress support because 25% website on Internet are powered by WordPress.

•  Your hosting company should provide good amount of peers and uplink carriers. It help in increased network flexibility and better user experience.

•  A web hosting provider must provide control panel. This feature allow user’s to check different things about theirs sites specially status of web traffic.

These are the factors which you bear in your mind before you choose a web hosting provider. We are the leading Web Hosting at Patna and we are capable to provide all the necessary factors mentioned above which is required in a hosting provider so that you online business reach its peak.

Our Hosting Plan Features Both Linux & Windows Hosting

Most companies of Web Hosting at Patna offer either Linux or Windows hosting. But both the hosting provide same proficiency. This is the reason why we offer both Linux hosting as well as Windows hosting. So if you want to start your site with WordPress or phpBB then we have Linux hosting for you. However, if you want website with technologies of Microsoft like MSSQL or .NET then you will require Windows web hosting. So whether you are comfortable with Windows hosting or want to go with Linux hosting, as a leading web hosting provider we provide both the services. Have a look on the features of our Linux & Windows Hosting services :

•  For Linux web hosting : We are known as Linux hosting expert. We provide a complete and full line Linux services which easily meet your specific requirements. With our hosting service you will get more faster web-page loads compare to other Linux Web Hosting at Patna. We have developer friendly, high performance and secured Linux web hosting services for you.

•  For Windows web hosting : We have the best Windows web hosting solution for you. All our web hosting plans are well managed and ready to boost your business. We host on high powered server which ensure that you get high performance. Similar to Linux hosting you will get a faster page load in Windows hosting too in compare to other hosting provider who only claim to provide best performance but unable to do that.

Get Everything Which You Require To Succeed Online Business

Ranging from security to support we provide everything which is needed to boost up your online business. Because we are most trusted Web Hosting at Patna we have everything which you is necessary to launch your website, to grow your online business and to protect your website.

Things Which We Provide Online

•  Free domain and set-up names : We don’t have hidden setup fees. We provide free registration of domain name to get you started for the first year.

•  Easy to use control panel : In order to manage the services easily we offer an easy to use control panel.

•  Get an amazing website : With our easy to use site builder us you can create a stunning website effortlessly.

•  Unlimited websites and domains : Using our web hosting services you can host unlimited website and domains from one account.

Things That Improve Your Online Business

•  Customer friendly performance : We help you deliver best website performance for the site visitors with the combination of cloud hosting and best delivery network.

•  Keep in touch all the time : You can keep communicating with us with the help of control panel email address.

•  No hidden charge and unlimited use : All the plans provided by us contain unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited disk space.

•  Super fast servers : With the help of our super fast servers the loading time of your website is going to defeat your competitor.

Providing Protection Is Our Priority

•  Protect website from hackers : We as a trusted Web Hosting at Patna provide complete security to your website from potential malware and hackers.

•  Keep your data safe : With SSL protection and domain privacy protection we will keep your important data safe from online thieves.

•  Best uptime guaranteed : We ensure that your website remain available all the time and it doesn’t matter which plan you are using.

•  Refrain from potential disaster : We provide automated backup service which allow you to restore earlier version of your website.

Ideal And Affordable Hosting Package For All Business Plans

In this online era, everyone needs a website and it doesn’t matter what you do, who you are and what you need to promote on Internet. Keeping these things in mind we have different types of web hosting plan for every business owner and this is the reason why we are counted among best Web Hosting at Patna. We offers three types of hosting plan, so view them and decide which plan suits your business.

•  Starter Plan : This plan is perfect for a basic kind of website or blog. In this plan you will get unlimited bandwidth, free registration and a limited disk space.

•  Advance Plan : We have created this plan by keeping need of small business owner in mind. With this plan you will get free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited disk space.

•  Business Pro Plan : It is the best and most used plan provided by us. It gives you unlimited bandwidth, registration, disk space with enhanced performance and speed.

Many customer don’t know which is the best suited plan for them. According to us if you are just starting a blog or website then the starter plan will be good for you. But if you want best performance and everything in unlimited amount then we suggest you to go with Business pro plan.

We Have Different Hosting Services For Different Purpose

You can find different types of web hosting plans but most used of them are Shared, Reseller and Dedicated and WordPress web hosting. Most customer have no idea about these web hosting services. As a consequence they remain unaware from these hosting service which is most suitable for the growth of their business. Because we want to give you best therefore we will explain about all these three webs hosting offers so that you can easily decide which service will be best for you.

•  Shared web hosting : This form of hosting is most popular under which we provide disk space and bandwidth on a high powered server. So this hosting option will be great for you if you are looking for great price and want more visitors.

•  Reseller web hosting : As a popular Web Hosting at Patna we also provide this hosting which is a low cost solution for your website. It provide power, security and control which will bring your business to extra level.

•  VPS hosting : This web hosting gives you complete control and support. Our VPS hosting is customizable, scalable and fast. It is beneficial for those companies who is looking for starting web app.

•  WordPress hosting : It is also a popular and most used web hosting. With us you can enjoy pre-installed and hassle free WordPress hosting. We provide everything which you need to create your website on WordPress.

In addition, you can also avail cloud web hosting services. Your website will be more safer and reliable on a cloud service. This latest technology of web hosting allow to process the request faster than ever. Our cloud hosting dashboard is simple which gives a quick view of download speed of page, usage trends, uptime and more. With our cloud hosting plan you don’t have to worry about the traffic of your website.

We Offer The Best Features, Software And Hardware

We are always serious because you have invested in us. As a responsible Web Hosting at Patna we are focused to make user that you always get the best version of important software, better hardware and developer features. Through this way your website and its application will reach the peak of performance. As mentioned above, there are numerous web hosting companies in Patna but you can get this experience only if you choose us. Have a look on our software, hardware and feature :

•  With our free SSD you can give an extra speed to your website and boost its performance.

•  We offer the best version of PHP which is one of the most popular and used software.

•  With the help of our encrypted SSL certificate you can keep your site and its visitor secure.

•  We have global center option which help you to host website closer to its visitor.

•  With us you don’t have to access enable SSH. We provide SSH at free of cost.

Why Customer Prefer Us Over Other Web Hosting Companies?

There are numerous company of Web Hosting at Patna but unfortunately they don’t deliver what they promise. We as a leading company in web hosting provide everything which our customer need and that’s why today customer prefer us when they have to pick a web hosting company. Our excellent performance, better pricing, best technical support service force customer to come with us. According to us, below are the factors which make our customer to choose us over our competitor hosting company :

•  We have the same renewal price and there is no any additional charges. Unfortunately for any reason our service is unable to fulfill your expectation the we will refund your money.

•  Where other Web Hosting at Patna provide technical support related only to hosting, we provide support for website transfer , app installation as well as custom application installation.

•  Most hosting provider charge extra for backup and restore services. But we provide free backup and restore service. In addition our technical support always there if you need help to restore your website.

•  We have different types of extra services which help our customer to boost their website and increase the rate of website traffic and conversion.

•  Our expert has made number of free video and text tutorial. This help our customer to get started easily and to clear any confusion related to hosting as well as website.

We care your need!! As a leading web hosting provider we perfectly fit for all your requirements and we provide support for your future growth. Growth of your business is our primary agenda and we are always ready to do everything which help you to achieve your goal within limited time. So if you are looking for a best Web Hosting at Patna which help you to get more from your online business then we are here to serve you.