Mobile APP Development in Patna

Mobile app is the most important tool in today’s technological world to engage with everything around us. Semsols can help you to with mobile app development. An app on your mobile is not just a software, a lot needs to be thought of and then acted upon even before the development process and after it. We at Semsols know this loop of development process very well when it comes to mobile app.

We create mobile apps that can be used to express your idea in the best possible manner using the most advanced and recent tools available. This not only helps you to stand out from your competitors but also gives you a unique edge over them. You will be able to participate in the whole developmental process and be able to have a truly custom made product. Semsols can enable you to showcase your mobile app idea to users who want to engage with their world through the app. Our team of developers is well equipped to handle your personal needs along with your professional requirement.

With the updated and recently available tools and technology our team can address issues on all levels from consumers to corporates. Semsols can provide services across all range of mobile infrastructure. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who will take you through each mobile app development stage while taking feedback and giving suggestions.

Semsols Offers These Services Related to Mobile App Development

Android App Development in Patna

Android is a recent operating system but has been hugely popular among the masses. It has the largest user base of smart phone users. It is being constantly updated and has therefore has seen many versions which have unique names such as jellybean and oreo. The operating system is not only functioning on mobile phones but can be offered on many devices which can be upgraded and controlled with Android.

It’s extremely user friendly and is considered to be the favorite mobile operating system in developing and emerging markets all across the globe. Our team at Semsols is well versed with its functioning and recent changes. We offer you many services which are carried out only after thorough research and analysis. Our objective is to exceed your expectations by developing an outstanding android app for you.

By using all range of tools and technologies we develop customized apps which are powerful and can easily be scaled for any android devices. We carry out several steps starting from concept, design, develop, test and deploy to meet and exceed your expectations. We ensure that your data is confidential with us. The team at Semsols tries to understand your idea related to android app thoroughly so that it can be utilized to engage with a potentially large user base. To serve this purpose we also do a detailed analysis of what the app requires.

iPhone App Development in PATNA

By having the in-depth knowledge of the language, APIs, and advanced features of the iOS platform our team can make an amazing app that can tap into the demands of apple users. We at Semsols can make and customize app that can be run on iphone, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

Mobile App Consultancy

We always strive to help our customers and make the best of the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years while working on mobile app development. We create a framework that can be used to make your app successful in its market. The consultancy we provide to potential customers are based on in depth market study and well analyzed future forecasts of the mobile market. We provide you with business and market insights, strategic product definition which will help in expressing your idea in better way. We do concept validation to save precious resource of time for both sides. We help to let you know the features that are more relevant and needed. We can provide you with strategy related to data that can be made use of from the mobile app. We also give information regarding the content that can be made available on the app. The usability testing done by us can allow you to optimize your mobile app.

React Native

By using React Native in our mobile app development process we at Semsols can build efficient and scalable apps that can be run on both iOS and Android. Since it is an open source development framework it can be used to provide users with features which are simple and yet elegant. It provides many benefits which makes it hugely popular among mobile app developers. It can be used to make your app faster to build and reload. The use of native code allows it to easily optimize elements within your app.

Wearable Development

This is an emerging segment within the mobile technology with great potential. Many of the mobile app these days are being developed to be able to run on wearables as well. We can help you to tap into this exciting segment and be able to enrich experience of your app with users of wearable devices.

UI/UX Design

We at Semsols know the importance of design process that can help users to engage deeply with your app. For this we ensure that the user interface and experience of the mobile app is such that it allows your users to experience ease and elegance with every command that they run while using the app. We offer related services such as prototyping, visual design concept, behavioral data analysis to give you an overview of the ways in which your app will be designed.

Backend Development

Backend development is the other crucial component apart from UI/UX that completes the cycle of app usability and which will enable ease to your mobile app users. We design app in such a way that users should not be bothered about the data storage and synchronization. To facilitate this we used the best of the cloud technology that can ensure safety.

Quality Assurance

We have a stringent policy and process when it comes to the apps that are being built by us to ensure that their quality is not compromised. We carry out many tests to check the app and how it performs. We carry out on device testing, automated testing, user acceptance testing, agile testing, visual quality assurance and even provide consultation related to quality assurance.

App Support and Maintenance

The service of Semsols doesn’t end with the launch of your app. We like to forge partnership that allows the app to thrive depending on the changing circumstances. We ensure that the mobile app is being continuously monitored and updated whenever necessary. Our dedicated team makes sure that the experience of users is not hampered when the app gets updated and any relevant changes are quickly implemented. We regularly carry out app monitoring and support and even offer upgrades and extensions to interested users.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Brief Stage

The first stage in the process is to identify and understand the requirements of our customers. We try to know our customers and see what they truly need from us. This also includes building multiple use cases to understand each desired element and help them understand what we are proposing as a solution.

Design Stage

In this stage we design visual blueprints to let our clients know what the team at Semsols thinks. This is to receive feedback and see if the proposal needs small tweaks or severe modification. We make sure that our clients are part of this stage and without their collaboration and required input the process does not proceed to the next stage. Wireframing is done in this stage and all the information is tagged depending on their usage in the app.

Development Stage

This is the technical backbone of the whole app development process. We try to understand the technical feasibility regarding backend and software platform and how the developmental stage can be optimized. The app is coded and interaction architecture is developed. Feedbacks are taken to incorporate any changes using agile development methods.

Testing Stage

In this stage we carry out thorough testing of the app in form of beta testing and user experience testing. The stage is crucial to get rid of any bugs in the app and final approval is taken from clients.

Deployment Stage

The app is deployed to respective app stores and is available for users. Our team regularly follows up with the maintenance and support so that the app can be changed depending upon user’s demands.

Semsols follows an agile app development process which allows to make necessary changes to the app. It also enables us to fulfill clients needs as per their changing customer and market needs. We have an experienced team which is in regular communication with clients. We try to collaborate with our customers all through the development phase. We can serve you well no matter which business segment you belong to as we have worked upon various projects across different domains.